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Request for Proposal
RochesterWorks Inc.
2018 Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

The City of Rochester and RochesterWorks! are seeking qualified community partners to deliver structured employment-based paid summer work experiences for youth.


The City of Rochester’s Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) formally announce a joint effort to assist youth with summer jobs. This solicitation is a collaborative effort expected to help more than 700 in-school youth, ages 14-20, secure structured
paid work experience over the summer.

Total funding available for this solicitation is expected to  equal $800,000.  The City of Rochester anticipates funding from its general operating fund and the New York State Department of Labor; RochesterWorks! anticipates funding from the New York State Governor and Legislature allocated for the sole purpose of Summer
Youth Employment.  

*The City and RochesterWorks! may negotiate awards based on the features included within proposals. The City and RochesterWorks! may be unable to allocate awards should anticipated funding not be secured.

Separate from this solicitation, additional subsidized and unsubsidized summer work experiences will be sought and made available to qualified youth.


Activity Date
RFP Release November 30, 2017

Mandatory Bidders Conference

Tuesday, December 12, 2017,
10 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Danforth Community Center (200 West Ave, 14611)
Please RSVP via EventBrite @

Proposals due Thursday, January 11, 2018, no later than 11:59 pm

New York State Governor & Legislature Approval of agreement with Consultant
*if funded by Rochester Works!

March 20, 2018
Consultant Selection and Award Notification April 20, 2018

City Council Approval of agreement with Consultant
*if funded by City of Rochester

May 2018

MANDATORY Provider Fair

May 2018
Agreement Start Date June 25, 2018
Program Dates July 9 - August 17, 2018



This RFP seeks to identify local for-profit, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations capable of providing a six-week summer work experience for either youth ages 14-15 or 16-20 from July 9 – August 17, 2018.  Potential employers should include one of the following themes or a well-defined theme of choosing:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Culinary
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Multimedia Production/ Arts
  • Other

Qualified work experiences must employ a minimum of 10 youth for 20 hours per week during the six week period.  Attention must be given to developing work experiences that mirror true-to-life job activities with a youth-driven and strengths-based employment focus.  Employers are encouraged to partner with local businesses to provide structured work experiences. Partnerships should include formal MOUs to detail the working relationship. Specific job tasks must be consistent with the New York State minimum-age standards for employed youth under the age of 18 available at

Qualified work experiences must all integrate work-based learning opportunities with the inclusion of 20-24 hours of financial literacy and work readiness enrichment activities consisting of mentoring, workshops, retention strategies, positive workplace behaviors, reasoning skills, and health/ healthy relationship education.  For the health/healthy relationship education, the employers will be partnered with Certified Trained Health Educators to provide 6 to 8 hours of evidence-based training.  Employers selected for funding will receive standardized financial literacy training for implementation.  


Questions about this RFP will be taken at the Bidder’s Conference only.  No telephone calls.  Questions may be emailed prior to the conference to SYEP@rochesterworks.orgall replies will be addressed at the conference and subsequently posted on and  following the conference.

The City and RochesterWorks! will make every reasonable effort to keep Respondents informed about the RFP process.  Notifications about timeline date changes, amendments to the RFP, and other information about the RFP will be posted on the City and RochesterWorks! websites for this RFP.  The City and RochesterWorks! failure to provide such information shall not delay nor invalidate the City and RochesterWorks! right to make a decision to award an agreement pursuant to this RFP.



Respondents must complete the 2018 SOOP/SYEP Work Experience Proposal Form available online at either or  The form is attached as a reference (Attachment A) but must be completed and submitted electronically

As requested on the 2018 SOOP/SYEP Work Experience Proposal Form, the proposal must include the following information:

  • Section I:  Work Experience Description
    • Description of Youth Work Experience
      1. Include definitive measureable outcome & work products
      2. Enrichment Activities: Financial literacy, work readiness enrichment, and health/ healthy relationship education
      3. Youth Job Descriptions - Each employer should provide a detailed job description for the youth that will be employed.  Youth employed will not be allowed to engage in volunteer opportunities with the employer in part or in whole outside of SOOP or SYEP for the duration of the contracted employment period for this RFP.   
    • Related policies and procedures
      1. Attendance & Payroll Procedures
      2. Transportation Policy - Employers should describe in detail their transportation policy should it require youth employees to be transported during working hours.  Transportation policies should include staff to youth employee ratio for transportation and if youth employees will be transported in private vehicles or program vehicles.  Insurance liability information should also be provided for each specified transportation policy. 
      3. Youth Employee Evaluation - Each proposal must include a written evaluation of each youth’s job performance, attendance, attitude, and their satisfaction with the employment assignment.
    • Description of Key Employment Personnel
      1. Resumes and/or Job Descriptions of involved staff members along with credentials of partner staff, and all other inclusions must be compiled as a separate and single PDF included as a second attachment to the email named as Attachments for 2018 SOOP/SYEP Work Experience Proposal.
    • Description of Organization
      1. M/WBE: Statement as to whether respondent is an M/WBE firm.                    
  • Section II:  Work Experience Schedule
    • Employment-based opportunities should serve a minimum of 10 youth and run 6 weeks during the period July 9 – August 17, 2018.
    • Afternoon work hours, within the hours of 12 pm and 5 pm, are required. Hours proposed outside of this slated time will only be considered for unique and justifiable situations.
    • Youth must be employed 20 hours per week for a total of 120 hours.  

Section III:  Work Experience Budget:  An itemized budget and narrative explanation of all costs associated with the proposed work experience including staff, operation, and participant costs and any in-kind or leveraged resources

  • The total project budget must not exceed $1,935 per youth
  • Indirect Costs must not exceed 10% of total employment budget
  • Youth Wage Calculations:  Proposals must include two separate wage calculations.  One calculation will be based upon the youth employee receiving a stipend of $800.  The other calculation will be based on the youth employee receiving minimum wage ($10.40) with all required deductions.  All employers are required to pay either wages or stipend to the youth employed in a timely manner.  The Respondent’s response to this proposal shall be deemed its acceptance of this requirement and therefore indicates its capacity to perform the necessary payroll process as proposedIf selected for funding by the City of Rochester, the City will substitute stipends in lieu of wages.
  • Payments are made on a reimbursement basis and advance payments to employers will not be allowed. An employer’s capacity to administer a reimbursement-based contract is essential.

If proposing more than one work experience, please submit a separate 2018 SOOP/SYEP Work Experience Proposal Form for each program.


2018 SOOP/SYEP Work Experience Proposal Forms will be accepted immediately and ongoing through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 11, 2018 only.  Proposals will not be accepted or reviewed past the deadline.

Proposals are to be emailed only to:


The following is a summary of the proposal evaluation criteria. It is within the City and RochesterWorks! discretion to determine the value assigned to each of these criteria.

Quality of Service Design = 40%

  • Proposals will be evaluated based on creativity, individuality, specificity of experience, relevance to in-demand industries, level of youth engagement, measureable outcomes, contributing partnerships.
  • Demonstrated expertise and understanding of the RFP objectives
  •  Adequate work space

Demonstrated Capability = 25%

  • This solicitation prioritizes serving youth ages 14-15 and youth ages 16-20 who possess limited experience and/or work readiness skills.  A blend of the two age ranges may be considered with proper explanation, but should be minimal and is not the intent of this solicitation. Diversity in employment offerings is sought.
  • Commitment of key principals to the Employment: Demonstration of availability of senior-level staff or associates to be assigned to this work experience to ensure depth, accountability, and diversity of perspective.
  • Employers must demonstrate the ability to serve a reasonable cross-section of youth regardless of background and work experience. 

Cost Efficiency = 20%

  • Reasonable cost of expenses/supplies, fiscal and organizational/administrative capacity with sufficient cash flow and/or cash on hand to provide payroll, and the capability to make required payments to initiate the work experience is strongly advised.  Payments are made on a reimbursement basis and advance payments to employers will not be allowed.
  • The total cost of the Respondent’s proposal is important to the City and Rochester Works!, however, based on the evaluation of the other criteria, the City and Rochester Works! will not necessarily select the lowest bidder.

Supplemental Resources & Value= 15%

  • The Respondent’s comprehension of the needs of the City and Rochester Works! as demonstrated by its description of its approach to the elements listed in the Scope of Services section of this RFP.
  • Work sites are centrally located and/or easily accessible by public transportation or otherwise.
  • Employers who demonstrate the value of resources added both monetarily and otherwise (funds, contributions, activity/services, etc.) may receive added consideration.
  • Employers who create connections for participating youth to transition to steady work and/or to additional education or training may receive added consideration.
  • Employers who demonstrate a unique ability to serve youth with limited disabilities and/or mental health needs, juvenile offenders, and youth requiring reasonable individualized supports may receive added consideration.
  • M/WBE Businesses: The City of Rochester and Rochester Works desires to encourage minority and women owned (M/WBE) businesses to participate in opportunities to enter into PSAs with the City.

Other Criteria:  Other criteria may be considered and evaluated by the City and Rochester and Rochester Works! if it is determined to be in the best interest of the City, Rochester Works! and the success of the Work Experience to do so.  Respondents shall provide sufficient information in their written proposals to enable the City and RochesterWorks! review team to make a recommendation to the Mayor and RochesterWorks! Executive Director.  The City and RochesterWorks! reserve the right to invite any or all Respondents to an interview to discuss their proposal.  Any expenses resulting from such an interview will be the sole responsibility of the Respondent.  The City and RochesterWorks! are under no obligation to select any of the responding Respondents or to conduct the Employment Activity described herein. The City and RochesterWorks! may amend or withdraw the RFP at any time, within its discretion. The City and RochesterWorks! shall have no liability for any costs incurred in preparing a proposal or responding to the requests with respect to the proposal.

The selection of an Employer is within the City and RochesterWorks! sole discretion and no reasons for rejection or acceptance of a proposal are required to be given. Although costs are an important consideration, the decision will be based on qualifications and compliance with the requirements of this RFP and not solely on cost. The City and RochesterWorks! reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept a proposal that does not conform to the terms set forth herein. The City and RochesterWorks! further reserve the right to waive or modify minor irregularities in the proposals and negotiate with Employers to serve the City and RochesterWorks! best interests.

The City and RochesterWorks! seek to maximize the number of youth served by these funds. Assuming receipt of anticipated funding, the City and RochesterWorks! will notify successful employers/ providers no later than April 20, 2018.   Successful respondents will be required to cooperate with the City and RochesterWorks! to develop further proposal details as needed. 

The Respondent(s) selected by the City will be required to enter into a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with the City (see Attachment B, the City’s standard PSA form). The establishment of a PSA is contingent upon approval by City Council for all Agreements in excess of $10,000 or for a period of more than one year and upon the availability of funds for such an agreement. Unless otherwise stated in the proposal, the Respondent’s response to this RFP shall be deemed its acceptance of the terms of this PSA. (Note: Attention is directed to the City’s Living Wage requirements)

Approved programs will be required to attend the mandatory Provider Fair in May 2018.



All youth employed at work experiences funded by the City and RochesterWorks! will be placed through the Summer Employment application process administered by the City and RochesterWorks!.  Potential employers are not to recruit or guarantee youth acceptance into their work experience.  Once applications go live, potential employers should encourage interested and potentially eligible youth to apply for summer employment.  It is an open and competitive process and only youth ages 14 to 20 years old in middle school or a high school/ TASC and living within Monroe County, including the City of Rochester, are eligible to apply.  Youth referred for employment opportunities may have limited or no work experience and/or may possess obstacles to maintaining stable employment.  All youth that successfully complete the application process and determined eligible for employment will be considered equally for existing opportunities for which they qualify. 

Prior to the work experience start date, City and RochesterWorks! staff will refer interested and eligible youth for interviews to employers selected for funding (minimum interview standards are being developed by SOOP and SYEP staff and will be shared with successful work experience employers prior to contract).


The City and RochesterWorks! reserve the right to amend or withdraw this RFP at the discretion of the City and RochesterWorks!, including any timeframes herein, upon notification of all Respondents as set forth above, and in such case, the City and RochesterWorks! shall have no liability for any costs incurred by any Respondent.

The City and RochesterWorks! may request additional information from any Respondent to assist with the evaluation of the proposal.

The proposal and all materials submitted with the proposal shall become property of the City and RochesterWorks! and will be subject to NYS Freedom of Information Law. If any proprietary information is submitted with the proposal, it must be clearly identified and a request to keep such information confidential must be submitted.

Submission of a proposal shall constitute a binding offer by Respondent to provide the services at the prices described therein until such time as the parties enter into a PSA.


Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Bidders Conference Q&A

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