Resume writing can be a challenging process. At RochesterWorks! we offer a series of workshops to simplify your resume development and ensure that you have an effective resume that will put you in the best position to get interviews. Resume Review is a great workshop for individuals who have already done the work to put their resume together and are now looking for an extra set of eyes to catch any changes that could be made. In Resume Review the workshop specialist spends time evaluating the individual resumes of a small group of job-seekers. This workshop is very informative and this article explains the five reasons we believe that you should consider attending Resume Review:


#1) It is a more personal, in-depth follow-up workshop to “Right Your Resume”. Our customers are advised to attend the Right Your Resume workshop before coming to Resume Review because this workshop is the next step once you have already learned the basics of resume development. Customers who have been to Right Your Resume are able to get the most out of Resume Review because they come to this workshop prepared and the workshop specialist is able to spend more time going in-depth with their resume to provide meaningful feedback.


#2) You will have a group of people reviewing your resume and providing essential feedback. In Resume Review, the workshop specialist will review your resume but you will also have the other workshop participants spending time looking over your resume as well. Each participant had a portion of the workshop devoted to the group working on evaluating their specific resume, and they were able to keep all of the feedback  The more people that see your resume (and help you to improve it), the better.


#3) You will network with a group of people who are all very familiar with your skills and past experience. After spending individual time reviewing each person’s resume, the entire group knew exactly what type of work everyone was looking for and the experiences they have had. Participants made connections and offered help to one another if they had knowledge of or contact with someone who is hiring in that field.


#4) You will receive professional resources and learn from the resumes of other participants. The workshop specialist provided all participants with a packet of helpful information including a resume checklist, resume do’s and don’ts, overviews and templates of resume formats,  keywords for different professions, and job specific accomplishments. In addition, participants saw a number of sample resumes by reviewing each individual’s resume and hearing the feedback offered to that person. Rather than one-on-one resume help, these participants were able to share ideas and hear necessary feedback that could apply to everyone.


#5) You may receive job leads. At the end of the workshop, the presenter brought out a stack of folders with job posting announcements that were organized into fields. Individuals were handed folders that applied to their specific fields and were allowed to take any postings that interested them. Many participants left the workshop with a good understanding of how to effectively edit their resume and had a few job announcements to reply to.


*For more information please attend the Resume Review workshop at RochesterWorks! The workshop calendar can be found at *

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