One of our recent Job Search Tips of the Week emphasized the importance of following up, including writing thank you letters or hand written notes.

Thanking people in your job search is one of the most important things you can do! Here are some ideas about writing thank-you notes from The Resume Solution by David Swanson.

You can thank an employer for several reasons:

  • After the initial phone call, you can thank them for their kindness.
  • After the interview, you can thank them for their time, tour, information, etc.
  • After the job offer, thank the initial interviewer and the manager of the department in which you now work.
  • After a rejection, thank the employer for whatever you can. (Something that was positive and helpful for you in the interview and consideration process.)
  • If you have nice handwriting, hand-write a note card or use personal stationary that is neutral – cream, white or light gray and conservative.
  • If your handwriting is hard to read, print the note or type it on a business-sized sheet of paper and mail it in a matching envelope.

Check out this website for samples of letters from David Swanson’s book.

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