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Rochester Precision Optics is #hiring! 25+ positions

Rochester Precision Optics is #hiring! 50+ positions available in A, B, and C shifts in our ultra-modern, high tech #optics manufacturing facility. RPO is a global leader in precision optics, optical components, and optical assemblies. As one of the fastest growing...

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Got Skills? Prove It!

Do you have an upcoming interview and want to prove to an employer that you have the skills needed? Do you want to upgrade your skills and are thinking about training? What is Prove It!? Prove It! is an Internet-based skills assessment program that provides over 1,500...

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Overcoming Objections in Your Job Search

OBJECTION: We're not hiring. ANSWERS: That's okay. I'm not applying for a job. I am interested in your advice. That's okay. I'm not in any hurry. I just wanted you to know what I have to offer in case something opens up later. That's okay. I just wanted to know if you...

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Best Practices for Job Search Success

    Only RochesterWorks! provides a unique set of customized services to businesses and job seekers at little-to-no cost, preparing a skilled workforce and connecting them with opportunities in our region.   ABOUT US Blog Contact us Media Contacts Request...

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