Welcome to 5 Steps for Rapid Employment!

Join us for our 5-day, interactive job search program! We’ll help you develop a plan not only to get a job, but to manage your career and plan for your future!

This program works for any one seeking any job in any market.
Our 5 Steps Program Graduates find work quickly, typically in 1/3rd to 1/4th the national average!

Local 5 Steps Graduates

The 5 Steps to Rapid Employment

Day One

Make life’s emotional roller-coaster the best ride of your life!

Day Two

Stop asking, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Day Three

The Traditional Resume is Dead

Day Four

Who needs a GPS when you’ve got a M.A.P.?

Day Five

Closing the Deal

What our graduates say

“5 Steps was the most positive job search program anyone could experience. I recommend it highly for job seekers . . . . 5 Steps gave me the confidence to believe in myself, which I recall being told over and over again, so when I interviewed I simply presented myself and who I was and what I could do for the companies I was interviewing with.”

“Learning about networking and the personal marketing plan gave me a valuable tool that I could use while networking.”

“The 5 Steps Program helps you organize and that’s something, coming into it, that was hard to do. There are so many pieces in today’s job search. It gives you a holistic view of the whole package. It gives you a clear focus.”

“You can’t job search on your own. You need help. You’ll learn from your coaches and other job seekers and the materials in and out of class make you hunt smarter.”

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