How has becoming employed changed your life?

Individuals are becoming employed through various programs at our RochesterWorks! Saint Paul office, here are some of the things being said when asked the question, how has becoming employed changed your life?

Lavonia Dunbar (Assistant Teacher) The Rite Care Child Development Center:

“Having a job has changed my life. It is helping a lot with my Kids because I now work with kids. Also, I now can do things with my kids as well.”

Danielle Downs (Office Manager) Native American Cultural Center:

“Getting employed has helped my life out a lot. It’s a big change working but the outcome is very good. I am now off Social Services!”

Lonnie Watkins (Welder) Mossman Tebbs LLC.

“Having a job has given me a chance to look forward to getting up and going to works instead of just sitting around or just doing Work Experience; It gets food on the table! As for the overall experience with the program I give it a 10- it has been an excellent experience. I appreciate you (the team) so much and all the help you gave me! Thank you!”

Corey Kusse (Advisor) RochesterWorks!

“With resume in hand and my renewed confidence from the job readiness training and despite all the anxiety and fear in the beginning, I had changed because of this program. On May 1, 2017 after interviewing I started my dream job at Rochester Works! I am able to help build confidence and help others on their way to their success. Becoming employed changed my life in millions of ways.”

Gregg Walker (Racker) QoS:

“Becoming employed has affected me I a good way. I enjoy being independent and having a place to go in the mornings. It’s great to be a productive member of society!”

Overcoming Objections in Your Job Search

OBJECTION: We’re not hiring.


  • That’s okay. I’m not applying for a job. I am interested in your advice.
  • That’s okay. I’m not in any hurry. I just wanted you to know what I have to offer in case something opens up later.
  • That’s okay. I just wanted to know if you would take a look at my resume and give me any advice, ideas, leads, or referrals that come to mind.
  • That’s okay. Perhaps you can think of someone else who might be interested right now in what I have to offer. Your referral would be appreciated by both of us.

OBJECTION: I’m too busy.

  • This’ll only take a moment.
  • Yeah. I heard you guys were pretty successful right now. (then, STOP, no matter how long the silence)
  • I’d be happy to meet you early, late, during lunch, even after work. What’s best for you?
  • What’s a better time for me to reach you?

OBJECTION: Send me your resume.

  • Well let me tell you what’s on it. I’m the one who… (then go into your elevator speech).
  • What’s your email or your fax number? I’ll send it and call you right back.
  • I’ll bring it to the meeting. What’s a good time for you?


OBJECTION: I’m not the person you should be talking to.

  • But I’m not applying for a job. I got your name from ———. She said you were quite knowledgeable about this field. I just want to know if you would have a moment to share with me any advice, ideas, leads, and referrals.
  • Actually, I’m going to be applying through “official” channels, as well, but I wondered if you could give me a little inside information.
  • Who should I be talking to? I appreciate the referral.

Center for Youth Program Helps Young Adult Get a Job & Achieve Academic Excellence


Michael  is a current 11th grade student at East High School. Michael utilized the support provided through the Learn 2 Earn Program at the Center for Youth to gain job-readiness and interview skills.

Although Michael learned English as a second language, he exceeds in his communication skills. Immediately after attending the job readiness workshops, Michael successfully utilized his newly-gained skills and his fantastic communication skills at open interview events and secured employment. Michael received many calls back after attending interview events and even had to respectfully turn down some employers!

Michael is a current Honor Roll Student at East High School and participates on the Varsity Baseball Team, which just won the RCAC Championships. Michael has persevered through all of his obstacles to maintain his success in his academic and employment endeavors.

Great job, Michael! We are proud of you!

To learn more about the Center for Youth click here. for more information about RochesterWorks! and our Youth programs click Here .


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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Job Search

Do . . .

  • Dress professionally
  • Be prepared at all times for an interview (in person, on the spot, or on the phone)
  • Follow-up when you say you will
  • Be persistent
  • Expect the process to take some time
  • Use manners
  • Arrive early (10 minutes) for appointments and interviews
  • Ask people you know if they know who’s hiring
  • Smile ~ look excited about the position and opportunity

Don’t . . .

  • Be too casual (in dress or language)
  • Talk negatively about people, past employers, the competition or situations
  • Expect to find a job in a week or two
  • Bring friends/family with you to pick up applications or to an interview
  • Use slang
  • Have a friend or family member ask the questions for you
  • Be irresponsible
  • Take Rejection personally
  • Get frustrated (especially during the interview)


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HR Tips: Free or Low Cost Job Posting Sites


If you’re overwhelmed by the cost and number of websites available to help you share your job postings, look no further!


We’ve compiled a list of free or low cost websites* to help you get started…


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