Every Thursday we’re counting down the top 10 mistakes that job seekers sometimes make in their search, and offering tips on how you can avoid them! This week’s tip is:

9) Job seekers do not always take advantage of available support and resources.

So much of who we are is based on what we do. When we lose our jobs we feel we have lost ourselves and our identity. We lose the structure and fabric of our lives. Many of us feel that way during periods of unemployment. Support during this period of “re-structuring” and the job search process is crucial to getting and staying on track. It is available through:

  • Job Clubs and Job Seeker Groups – Examples include The August Group (held at our Goodman Street Career Center). These networking and support groups allow job seekers to share experiences, job leads, and ask questions of employer guest speakers regarding the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Outplacement Services and Career Centers – Take immediate advantage of outplacement services if your company makes these services available to you. And RochesterWorks! Career Centers are publicly funded to support and assist you in your job search. RochesterWorks! can also connect you to a wealth of community resources depending on your particular needs.
  • Job and Career Fairs – These events are another opportunity to network with employers, trainers/educators and other job seekers, gather information and get feedback.
  • Industry Associations and Professional Groups – Join and attend meetings regularly. Network daily with past associates, colleagues, and supportive friends and family. Spend time with positive people. Establish a routine and get out of the house every day.

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