Recruitment outsourcing has become a growing trend in today’s economy. Through this process outsourcing and staffing agencies work with businesses to recruit candidates who have the skill sets that fit the company’s needs. An article in this weekend’s Democrat and Chronicle discusses the increasing number of businesses using recruiting and staffing agencies to fill their open positions.  If you haven’t already registered with recruiting and staffing agencies, check out these tips on getting started:

  • Call the agency and set up an appointment to register.
  • If the agency does not require an appointment ask about hours of operation, what type of employment placement they specialize in, etc.
  • Bring at least three copies of your resume and any information that may be useful in completing an application such as references.
  • Dress as though you are going on an interview. The agency representative will be impressed with your professionalism.
  • Plan to spend one to two hours filling out paperwork, taking aptitude tests and interviewing with the agency representative
  • Be very clear about what type of assignment you are looking for. If you are interested in long-term or permanent assignments be sure to let him/her know so that they do not call you for one-day assignments
  • Be realistic in your wage requirements. Try to do some research and find out what other agencies are paying for the same job.

The American Staffing Association has a database that you can search to find some staffing firms closest to you. Or visit our website for a partial list of staffing firms in the Greater Rochester area.

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