Our team at RochesterWorks! recently attended a Time Management training session with Beth Sears to find ways to help us evaluate how we spend our time, improve our efficiency and ultimately improve our services to customers.  She offered some great tips to help us that you can also apply to your job search, and one of the most important to help manage time was developing your daily and weekly “to do” lists. 

How can you manage your time effectively unless you know what needs to be done? These lists are a great way to stay organized and help identify what you need to accomplish for to have a successful search.  First, identify your priorities. What do you need to do to maximize your time and have a productive week? Your list might look something like this:

• Research and identify 10 target companies
• Attend one networking group meeting
• Attend one job fair or recruitment event
• Monitor online job postings and job boards for 2 hours weekly
• Identify 2-3 old contacts to reconnect with
• Create a resume and cover letter for a position as (your target occupation)

Then take the big items and break them down into manageable steps or action items. If one of the items on your list is to write your resume you may break it down into items like:
• Research and find resume templates online or at the RochesterWorks! Career Center
• Identify 4-5 accomplishments from your last 3 positions
• Research and verify employment dates
• Get feedback on resume draft from a friend or former co-worker

Then assign yourself deadlines for each task. And hold yourself accountable to those deadlines. If you’re struggling or not sure where to start, pick one or two taks that must be completed that day and work through them.

Still struggling? Visit our Career Centers for assistance or access the RochesterWorks! Virtual Career Center for advice or ideas.

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