If you’re thinking about switching careers, or are just starting to explore your potential career path, check out this list of the top 25 Fastest Growing Jobs in New York State from the Rochester Business Journal’s Book of Lists.

Healthcare workers continue to dominate the top 10 spots on the list as the population ages and our healthcare needs increase. 

1.  Personal and home care aides
2.  Home health aides
3.  Network systems and data communications analysts
4.  Self-enrichment education teachers
5.  Fitness trainers and aerobics
6.  Medical assistants
7.  Pharmacy technicians
8.  Dental assistants
9.  Physical therapists
10.  Dental Hygienists

View the full list of 25 occupations at the Rochester Business Journal’s website.

And if you are thinking of changing careers, remember to keep these tips in mind.

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