Are you between the ages of 14 and 20 years old and struggling to get t
he experience that you need to find a job?


Don’t worry! RochesterWorks! is here to help. 
Through work experience programs RochesterWorks! and the City of Rochester are dedicated to connecting you to the opportunities you need to plan for your future and jumpstart your career. To help you get a glimpse of how the Summer Youth Employment Program can work for you, meet Tianna, Todd, and Stephen and learn from their experiences and advice.


“I was really shy in the beginning of the program, but once I took a leadership role it made me realize skills that I didn’t even know that I had.”
Tianna, along with fifteen other youth, took the summer to encourage people in the Rochester area to “Go Green” in the ABC Green Footprint Project sponsored by Action for a Better Community. Tianna’s enrollment in the Summer Youth Employment Program for two years gave her the confidence she needed to take initiative and become a role model for the students that she now teaches at ABC. Click here to learn more about Tianna, her experience with RochesterWorks!, and the ABC Green Footprint Project.


“Personally, I don’t just like it… I love it! Nothing can repeat what we have accomplished through all of these six weeks.”
As a sophomore in high school, Stephen learned about the Summer of Opportunity Program (also known as the Summer Youth Employment Program) at his local high school. He took the initiative to learn more about the program, applied, and found himself working at the Regional Center for Independent Living. The six-week program allowed Stephen the opportunity to work on developing a Career Readiness video and work on his professional portfolio, while developing professional skills and gaining experience working in an office environment.  Stephen’s determination to learn and grow helped him to be successful in this program. Click here to learn more about Stephen by viewing his full testimonial or to watch his career readiness video.


“It exceeded my expectations…It was an easy process to get in and start working!”
At ArtWorks professional artists work with youth teams to cultivate their respective artistic talents by teaching them the necessary skills to build their own creative portfolio, work as a team, and build a professional marketing campaign. Todd came to ArtWorks through the Summer Youth Employment Program. This experience taught him the skills to motivate his own growth and lead as a team member in the growth of others.  To learn more about how Todd’s experience led to his success as an employee of ArtWorks click here to view his testimonial.

As you consider the opportunities that are available to you through work experience programs at RochesterWorks! remember that we are here to help. You are not alone in your struggle to find a job. We have the resources to teach you how to look for work, develop your resume and portfolio, and prepare for a successful career.

Whether or not you take advantage of this opportunity is up to you. Get started today and send in your application for the Summer Youth Employment program by the March 21st deadline!
Click here for more information and apply today!

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