Compiled by Todd Sloane, Career Services Advisor

Many thanks to Cindy Craner and all our Job Seekers at this week’s Job Network meeting. We had a lot of fun with, “How Effective Job Seekers are like Trick-or-Treaters”. It was an amazing morning and Cindy and I were blown away with the number of ideas generated. Here they are. Enjoy!

They start with in the neighborhoods of family and friends that they know and work from there. Good job seekers start with who they know, go where the opportunities are, and follow up from there.

They research where they best treats are. Isn’t it amazing how some kids know just where the most “candy per foot of sidewalk is”? Do you know the fields, occupations and companies that are the best fit for you?

They get out. OK. So if you stay home you don’t get any treats. Enough said!

They are willing to go to “undecorated” houses. I saw several groups of trick-or-treaters walk by an undecorated home the other night, then a couple other kids went up and knocked. They got the treats! Are you ‘assuming’ that there are no opportunities if there are no advertised leads? If so then, “no treats for you”!

They ask for what they want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “trick or treat”, sometimes you’ll get some choices. If you know what you want you’ll be prepared for either.

They wear a memorable “get noticed” costume. How to you react to a trick-or-treater at your door who is in a creative, original or well-crafted costume? How about a “half-baked” one? Good trick-or-treaters know how to make a great first impression.

They will bring a bag for a sick friend. Job seekers work together and if a partner can’t make an educational, job search, networking or professional development event, they will “bring back” any useful information.

They have support, someone or group they walk with when they are in between doors. Some trick-or-treaters may be shy, prefer to walk in groups or are just new to the process. Having someone to encourage them to go and knock, and to return to after making these little stretches can be a tremendous boost. Do you have others who support your in going outside your comfort zone and will always support you, no matter what the results? If not, build this support.

They prepare and they show up. Their costume is ready (and so are they) at the appointed time. If you trick or treat on November first you will NOT get good results.

Once they decide on their costume, they plan on how they will dress and act to best play the part. An effective job seeker certainly does not pretend to be someone they are not, but they definitely bring out the parts of their personality that fit the role they are pursuing. This plays out most importantly in formal and informal meet ups.

They have good manners, say “trick or treat”, thank you, and wish the best to those they meet. If new to the tradition, they practice their lines before going out. Hopefully we all know to be courteous and professional when pursuing employment, but even if not selected, do you wish and hope for the best for your might-have-been employer. If they were good enough to work for, aren’t they good enough to wish the best for?

They know that they will be memorable based on how they look and act. Beyond their costume, they know that what they say how they act, will leave a lasting impression.

They know that the more doors they knock on, the more treats they will get, and while it may not always be something they like, eventually they will get their favorite treat. Not only does persistence pay off but also….

When they get back home they sort their candy to eat now, save for later or share with others. Persistence will yield more results, some good, some great and some not for you. The more opportunities you uncover the more hits and the more great leads to share with others in your network. Do you know the favorite treats (job goals) of those in your network?

They have a great attitude and have fun. We hope you will do the same. As the saying goes, the joy is in the journey.


Todd Sloane MS Ed., is a Career Services Advisor at RochesterWorks! His mission to help his clients to live their ideal lifestyle, personally and professionally, by implementing practical proven strategies that work.

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