Every Thursday we’re counting down the top 10 mistakes job seekers make, and how to avoid them. This week’s piece of advice from our Career Advisors is:

2) Over-reliance on the Internet in the job search process.

Only about 25% of all jobs are found by making online applications and using Internet search sites, and less then 25% of all jobs are posted on the internet. You wouldn’t know that by the way so many of the job seekers conduct their searches. Many job seekers have simply become too comfortable and over-reliant on the computer as their main vehicle for uncovering and applying for jobs.

Diversifying your job search by using all or a combination of the following job search methods will lead to better results then relying on just one or two:

  • Develop relationships with 3-4 staffing or placement agencies
  • Access the services of publicly-funded agencies like RochesterWorks! or the Department of Labor
  • Utilize outplacement services if available
  • Cold-call or submit job applications
  • Target outreach based on industry, occupation and geography
  • Network with friends, relatives, colleagues, service providers, former employers, hiring supervisors

Previous Tips
#3 Procrastination: Waiting until the unemployment check runs out to start a job search.
#4 Not conducting a job search as if it were a full-time job.
#5 Lack of salesmanship and going the extra mile to differentiate yourself.
#6 Job seeking behavior that places the job seekers’ needs before the employer’s.
#7 Resumes that describe primarily routine job responsibilities and tasks rather then accomplishments.
#8 Job seekers are not specific about the kinds of jobs they want making the job search process less effective.
#9 Job seekers do not always take advantage of available support and resources.
#10 Job seekers do not take an honest self-inventory of what they have to offer an employer.

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