In March, the RochesterWorks! Career Center held our first in a series of industry careers panels. The event was a great success! We had participation from a broad range of Information Technology (IT) experts. They gave insightful answers to many questions that job seekers have, including the following:

1. What abilities or personal qualities would make someone a good fit for the IT field?
2. What can mature workers do to be competitive in the IT field?
3. How important is it to have a college degree? Is a degree even necessary for someone with work experience?

If you missed the session, you can view a four-part podcast at

Our next offering in our careers panel series will focus on Advanced Manufacturing. It is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, at 9 a.m., at the RochesterWorks! Career Center. RochesterWorks! members may sign up online at Pre-registration is required because seating is limited.

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