If you think you know about IT, think again.

Innovative Solutions has redefined IT by focusing not only on technology, but on the information that precedes every decision to embrace it. From the top-down, Innovative Solutions is committed to the people, talent, and business in our community and it is this dedication that has fueled the growth of their team to include the 70 employees that it has today.
As a long-time partner and advocate for RochesterWorks! and our community, the team at Innovative Solutions takes every opportunity to utilize the resources available in Rochester to fuel their growth and reinvest in our local workforce. The greatest example by far of their dedication is their use of training grants as a tool to attract and retain local talent through continuous training and career development.

Keep reading to learn more about Innovative Solutions and find out how the resources at RochesterWorks! have helped them to thrive in our community.

About Innovative
Based in Rochester, NY, Innovative Solutions has provided people with the information they need to make the best IT decisions possible for over 25 years. Their services include IT consulting, implementation, and support. As the area’s largest IT consultancy for small to mid-sized businesses, Innovative Solutions helps move businesses and people forward by aligning IT to business goals, enabling client success.

Interview with Innovative Solutions Team

In August we met with the team at Innovative Solutions to talk about their experiences with our Business Services Team and the training grant process. Keep reading to find out what they had to say!

Describe your company’s role in the community.
Our role in the community is vast. We work with small to medium businesses as the IT department for their company. From the top down we love Rochester’s community and find it very important to keep the talent here locally. We’re blessed to have places like RIT here so we offer a career path so that talent stays here.
Community involvement is also very important to us. We’re consistently giving back and reinvesting in the community that has facilitated our growth. We mentor students and teach them about our industry. We recently also assisted a young entrepreneur with a website he developed under a grant program.

What is the biggest challenge that you face in finding the right employees for your company?

We’re all about culture here so I think that’s where our biggest challenge is. It’s very rare to find a company like ourselves. We almost don’t exist anywhere else not only from a business perspective with what we do in the community, but how we are as a group and how we interact. We really look for “geeks with personalities,” that is, candidates with technical expertise as well as an outgoing and relatable personality.

What advice do you have for local businesses considering getting involved with programs available at RochesterWorks?
Pick up the phone. It’s so simple! You just need to meet them! When we work with RochesterWorks!, we do our best to make sure that they have all of the information necessary to speak with candidates on our behalf so that we have the perfect alignment that we strive for in our internal hiring process.

Tell us about your experiences with the
Training Grant process at RochesterWorks.
“I actually think RochesterWorks! is too much of a secret here in Rochester. Anybody that has had bad experiences dealing with grants needs to know that it’s not the nightmare that it used to be 10-15 years ago.
One of the things that RochesterWorks! has certainly done over the years is coming out on-site to help us through and simplify the paperwork process so that we actually can take advantage of it! It’s one of the things that I talk to our clients about all the time. You’re missing great opportunities to leverage if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities.
I don’t want to see the programs go away. It’s these programs that have helped Rochester grow throughout the years. We need more organizations that help Rochester move forward. That is why we believe in spreading the word. It’s a good thing. I don’t want to see it disappear. The grants have actually assisted in our growth so we’re able to take the dollars that we would have used for training and reinvest them back into our organization. Without all of the grants that we have gotten over the years we would be behind again, not growing.”-Bob Titus, Partner

innovativesolutions01Bob Titus, Partner, with OJT Grant Hire Scott Noble

On the Job Training Grant Program Example
We first met Scott at the RochesterWorks! Annual Career Conference in January. We hired him through the On-the-Job Training Grant (OJT) program and received $5,000 to reimburse part of his wages to cover training costs. Scott, now a PC Technician, had over 10 years of experience in IT sales when he was laid off. The OJT program allowed Scott to transition from the sales environment of the industry to hands-on IT work.

I didn’t have the real world experience to work hands-on in IT, but it was a good point in my life to transition…When I went to the Career Conference in January I had targets. I was not going to go and window shop. I knew why I was there, I was focused, and I had a plan. When I first made the decision to transition to IT I was excited about the change that I had created for myself. It was exciting to realize that there is a job out there where I could enjoy what I’m doing and learn like crazy. The real world experience is what I was lacking and I’m getting it more than I ever imagined at Innovative Solutions.”—Scott

As an employer, what advice do you have for job seekers?

Our mission is to ensure that our clients have all of the information to make the best decisions. We make sure that right from the moment we hire and start with new applicants coming in that they understand who Innovative is so that they’re also making the right choice. We are a rare commodity in the IT industry. Our outgoing company culture is very important to us so we really look for continuous learners that have an inbred curiosity about the IT industry.
Before you start looking for any job you have to have a ‘why’ for yourself. What is your purpose for going out and getting employed? Are you looking for a job or a career? Figure out how you want to make a difference, how you want to move the world forward, how you want to be a continuous learner throughout your life, and how can you apply that ‘why’ to an organization that also believes in why we are here. At Innovative we know that we aren’t the right fit for everyone and that’s okay. You have to know what you’re going for and wait for that perfect alignment.

Where do you share information about your job postings?

All of our current openings are posted on our website at We also share our leads with RochesterWorks! and various recruiting agencies as well as on college websites, Career Builder, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Dice. We also have an excellent referral incentive program for our employees.

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