One of our top three job search tips advises job seekers to consider any and all opportunities for re-employment, including transitional and survival jobs and careers, and alternative employment opportunities like temporary or contract work. These positions can help you maintain your skills and marketability in today’s job market.

With that in mind, RochesterWorks is pleased to present a special Guest Speaker Series workshop next month with Rita Carey.  Here are the details:

Taking Your Talents to Work:
Is Freelancing For You?
Presented by: Rita M. Carey, Ed.D.
When: Monday, June 6, 2011 from 9:00am – 11:00am

Where: RochesterWorks! Career Center, 255 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY  14607
The World of Work is changing.  Just in Time hiring is growing; Permanent Employment is diminishing!  More and more jobs are temporary or contract.  How can people build a career in such an impermanent job market?
Freelancing is one way.  It is not for everyone… but it works for many.  Explore the various forms it takes, what makes it work, and what personal qualities are likely to lead to success as a freelancer.


  • The various forms of being in business for yourself:  Temporary Work, Contract Work, Consulting, Franchising, Partnerships and You, Inc.
  • Assess your readiness:  What will work for you?  What should you avoid?

Please note: You must be a RochesterWorks! member to attend.  Reservations are required due to limited seating.  To register for workshops, register on-line or contact RochesterWorks! at (585)258-3500.

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