Your resume and cover letter are your first line of offense in making a positive impression on recruiters and helping you land a job, and it is usually a recruiter’s first experience with you.  

Recruiters are receiving more resumes than ever these days and don’t have a lot of time to review them, and with a quick glance at the editing, structure and organization of your resume chelp them form a quick impression of what kind of worker and communicator you may be.

What kind of impression is your resume making? If you list Microsoft Office Suite as one of your skills, but the formatting on your resume is off, or you describe yourself as detail-oriented but your resume has numerous typos, then unfortunately your resume is probably bound for the “no” pile.

The resume is one of the most important job search tools, so make sure yours is a positive reflection of who you are and helps you shine in your search.

For resume assistance attend one of our workshops, or for additional tips read this article from the Wall Street Journal on the top 10 worst resumes mistakes job seekers make:

1. Including Unnecessary Details About Your Life
2. Your Work Responsibilities as a Lifeguard When You were 16…
3. A Headshot
4. Salary Expectations
5. Lies
6. Things That Were Once Labeled “Confidential”
7. If you Were Fired From a Job – And What you Were Fired For
8. Overly Verbose Statements
9. “References Available Upon Request”
10. TMI – Too Much Information

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