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New York Tech Partners will be recruiting “live” on Monday, April 1st from 10 am – 12 pm at RochesterWorks located on 255 North Goodman Street, Rochester NY 14607.

If interested, please make sure to come in and meet New York Tech Partners recruiters in person for an opportunity to be pre-screened.



  • Develops design solutions using a combination of creativity and engineering tools that meet or exceed customer expectations and complete technical requirements and machine configurations.
  • Engineers components and assemblies, using Pro Engineer, with the appropriate documentation detail and application of GD&T, CAD data archiving, and business system adherence.
  • Leverages analytical tools, design reviews, DFA, FMEA, designed experiments, and test plans that lead quality design solutions and identify root cause analysis and corrective actions for existing designs.
  • Communicates effectively verbally, and in various electronic formats, project progress and uses effective time management skills to ensure correct effort and prioritization of tasks.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of new mechanical engineering tools available and suggest whether these applications may improve operations departmental activities.
  • Align daily activities to departmental policies, and procedures to ensure needs are met with products of high quality, technical excellence, and low manufacturing costs.

Required Skills CAD Skills:

Solid Model Creation:

  • Can model simple prismatic and rotational shapes from examples or from scratch, create family tables, can download 3d images and use them appropriately, uses standard UDF's appropriately.
  • Can write relations to aid in design, can develop UDF's to be used by the group, can create animations, can instruct proper modeling techniques.

Manufacturing Drawing Creation:

  • Can create basic views and apply dimensions, use drill note tables, can detail in 1st and 3rd angle projections, can develop square move charts.
  • Can use multiple CAD programs, Pro-E required, (Optional MicroStation, Solid works) to develop detail drawings, can identify if a part is not fully defined quickly.

Business System Skills:

  • Creates material masters for purchased and manufactured components, uses classification and text fields appropriately, creates part ECO's as necessary, can research and extend parts to new plants.
  • Can create BOM's from scratch or by cloning with proper effectivity including ETO's, can do a BOM comparison to build clones, can research BOM's by effectivity.
  • Ability to instruct others on the impacts and root cause of part allocation.
  • Can initiate a Sales Order BOM Change with proper effectivity.
  • Ability to develop Price Book and VC dependencies and logic.
  • Can research a machine sales order with serial number, sales order number, or network number.

Machine Design:

Component Design:

  • Uses standards books to apply proper fits, material selection and feature representation.
  • Can develop physical equations to support and validate FEA solutions, understands fundamental implications of deflection, utilizes new materials in design.

System Design:

  • Can develop ETO’s based on similar designs, uses design reviews and FMEA’s as needed, designs consist of static assemblies.
  • Can develop the proper calculations for force, torque, power, friction and velocity, can develop testing criteria, understands fundamental implications of stiffness, damping and vibration control, can diagnose system issues based on symptoms.

Sheet Metal Design:

  • Can design sheet metal brackets using sheet metal standards included plus parts.
  • Can develop proper family tables and uses appropriate sheet thickness attributes.
  • Ability to design sheet metal enclosures for complete machines.
  • Can use Opti-assembly to create flats within an assembly.
  • GD&T and Tolerancing:
  • Applies GD&T with understanding and manufacturing experience, uses GD&T appropriately as it relates to mating parts in assembly, and coordinates tolerancing with proper GD&T application.

Qualifications / Requirements:

Team Skills:

  • The engineer should lead active discussion in all team events and contribute original thoughts to promote brainstorming.
  • Engineer should work well with other engineering disciplines and provide technical leadership to resolve situations.


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