Sally faced many challenges since beginning her quest for employment. She was seeking employment for more than a year.  For a period of time after realizing the reality of being in this position, Sally was in a paralyzing state of disbelief.  

Fortunately, she was able to quickly pull herself out of this place and move forward.  “At first I used my network alone to keep me positive, then I came to RochesterWorks! when I needed a new approach several months later. I would recommend you start there, the information was excellent and the dose of reality was helpful. Having so many other qualified folks in the same situation gave me a better sense of community and focus. Different workshops at different times also helped to focus me on not only the next step, but also the next interview.”  

Sally continued to offer the following advice to fellow jobseekers,After going through the mourning process, one needs to turn positive and receptive. Getting your resume ready, locating good websites to find potential jobs and preparing for interviews are your initial tasks, resurrecting and expanding your network are close seconds.”  

Sally participated in a variety of additional activities in order to find employment.  She preferred to use a combination of networking and looking at available postings.  

Once she had an opening in sight she did some research to see what was working for the organization and what challenges the organization was facing.  From there, Sally was able to use this valuable information to tailor her cover letter and resume.

She went on to state that, “One needs to establish a network system – some will be boosters and others work contacts.  This is an initial process and one that continues throughout the search.  Your network will change and morph – that was a bright spot for me.  I met so many wonderful people and renewed many contacts!”

With dedication, persistence and utilization of these techniques, Sally is now happily employed at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.                      

In closing, some lasting comments that Sally would like to leave for future job seekers include: “While I know sometimes it is easier for others to keep in mind that this is another unplanned ‘adventure,’ try to find the good in the situation – new friends, new ideas, success in navigating a good interview, a new focus on your value – these all make us better people and help us to grow in ways we did not expect. There are times I kept trying to figure out the lesson in all of this – and I’m not sure I’ve got a really good answer for that yet either but I learned a great deal about myself that I know it will make me a better employee, I’m just not sure I needed a whole year to learn that.”

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