Every Thursday we’re counting down the top 10 mistakes that job seekers sometimes make in their search, and offering tips on how you can avoid them. This week’s tip is:

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5) Lack of salesmanship and going the extra mile to differentiate oneself from the competition.

Good job seekers are like good salespeople. They stand out from the crowd because they are focused on the customer and satisfying his or her needs. A good salesperson does not talk too much in an interview or networking opportunity. At least 50% of the time should be spent listening to uncover an opportunity. A good salesperson listens to uncover the needs of the employer and how they can best satisfy that need.

Take the time and effort to go the extra mile by customizing your resume to a particular job or writing an employment proposal that will show how you meet the employer’s unique needs.

A good salesperson follows up. Pick up the phone and contact employers after sending a resume, proposal or after being interviewed. Write a thank you letter including further ideas regarding how you can contribute to an organization. By going the extra mile, you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

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