Sr. Staff Assistant at RIT

One of the most common challenges facing job seekers from every industry and walk of life is managing the new routine that comes with a job search. For Christie, managing this process became easier through the advice and services available at RochesterWorks! Through 5 Steps to Rapid Employment, Job Club, and a variety of workshops, Christie was able to take advantage of one-on-one, practical job search assistance that motivated her throughout the process.

Today, as a Sr. Staff Assistant at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Christie now partners with the residence hall staff to motivate others to ensure that the Center for Residence Life provides a rich, engaging atmosphere for students to learn and grow.

Keep reading for Christie’s full interview to learn about her experience and advice for job seekers!

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in being unemployed?

A:  The biggest challenge that I faced while being unemployed was staying focused and motivated. As I grew to understand that this was my full-time job, I found it difficult to advertise that I was unemployed and looking for work at networking events and other group functions.

Q: What job search methods did you use?

A: I looked for job openings on the internet, through networking, and on job boards. I also found many job leads on LinkedIn.  

Q: What tips do you have for job seekers to help increase their success and shorten their length of unemployment?

A: Use as many resources as you can. Connect with everyone at every day functions both online, through Facebook and LinkedIn, and in person. Take advantage of resources that you get for free like those at RochesterWorks!

Q: How did RochesterWorks! help you find your new position?

A:  RochesterWorks! helped me to be persistent and to keep a log of where I’ve applied and the results that came from it. I also learned how to check out many job titles to look for comparable title names. I also participated in several of the programs available at RochesterWorks! 5 Steps to Rapid Employment helped me to figure out where I was going. If you are interested in applying for 5 Steps keep in mind that you will need a strong focus. There is a lot of information and homework, but it is worth it.

Aside from the more intense programs I also attended Job Club every Monday at the Waring Road Career Center. This group meeting helped me to start my week with energy and motivation. It also served as advertising for the other programs that were available. I also attended several workshops to help with my resume and teach me how to use LinkedIn. Many of the resources at RochesterWorks! are free and the opportunities to learn are excellent so I strongly encourage anyone looking for work to take advantage of them.

Q: If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently in your job search?

A:  If I had to start over in my job search I would have started to sign up for RochesterWorks! workshops earlier.

Q: What led to your success?

A: Having the support of several RochesterWorks! counselors directing and encouraging me to do what I needed to do to get the job led to my success. Job Club and 5 Steps to Rapid Employment as well as the job search workshops helped me to understand what I needed to do and how to manage the job search process. Todd Sloane and the other 5 Steps coaches were my number one supporters. I don’t think I could have learned all the tricks of finding a job without them.

Q: Do you have any other words of advice for job seekers?

A: Be positive, don’t take rejections personally, and always be prepared to meet your next employer. Figure out how to keep yourself motivated. Finding a job is a full-time job. For me that meant that I scheduled time to do my job search “homework” during the week. I woke up at 7am and worked on my job search until 2pm every day. Many times I had to force myself to work online and look for job openings. The time you spend online looking for a job is not futile. You still need the personal connection, but you have to be willing to put the time in.

Click here for more information about RochesterWorks! and the programs available to you. Our services are free and walk-in’s are welcome. You do not need to be unemployed to participate. You just need to be a RochesterWorks! member.

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