Compiled by Todd Sloane, Career Services Advisor

At RochesterWorks! we ask job-seekers who have landed to share their success and “pay-it-forward” to those who have not yet landed. We receive many candid, compelling and inspiring stories each month. Below is a piece of “advice for the job-seeker” from someone who has landed recently in question and answer format. This is his advice, in his own words…

Don’t just sit on the internet, be visible…
Q. How did you change your strategy?
A. I had been looking for work for the past year, before I took Career Navigator by applying to website postings and attending job fairs.  I had very little success with on-line applications, some success with Job Fairs but no job offers. Career Navigator gave me the technical and soft skills to take my search to a new level. My resume [and] networking skills [improved as did] my preparation to act when this opportunity came along.

Q. What led to your success?
A. I attribute my success to the quality of my resume, my ability to network with people in the company that were interested in me [and my] interviewing skills. All of these were enhanced by my participation with Career Navigator and RochesterWorks. I was also prepared to accept the offer when it was made. Career Navigator and the job search team were instrumental in providing a level of support, confidence and discipline in my job search process and in dealing with this job offer.

Q. What advice do you have for others?
A. Hang in there. Be patient. Be visible. Make “yourself” attractive to potential employers. Be ready to move when the opportunity comes. Build your personal networks and use networking to get close to companies/opportunities. Take advantage of the programs offered by RochesterWorks. I attended a Mock Interview course the day before I interviewed for this job and I think it helped tremendously. – Walter S

Thanks to our customer who responded to our survey to share their story.  Do you have a success story to share? Tell it here.


Todd Sloane MS Ed., is a Career Services Advisor at RochesterWorks! His mission to help his clients to live their ideal lifestyle, personally and professionally, by implementing practical proven strategies that work.

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