Care Team Coordinator LPN - UR Medicine Home Care


Provides in-house planning and scheduling support for home visiting staff to ensure patient visits are covered in accordance with agency standards and plans       of care. Coordinates and provides excellent customer service for patients and visiting staff. Provides clinical support to PHV staff and patients.


Director, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Team Managers, LPN Clinical Liaison, visiting staff, patients, family, physicians, other support departments, and external agencies as needed.


  1. Works closely with visiting staff to plan and schedule patient visits effectively and efficiently.
  • Plans and schedules ongoing visits and new admissions based on patient needs/preferences and staff availability.
  • Utilizes appropriate level staff for each visit taking into account patient needs, geographical location to minimize staff travel and maintaining patient/staff continuity as much as possible.
  • Plans and schedules any visits on the uncovered list.
  • Proactively works throughout the day to cover/plan for unexpected same day visits, next day or off-shift visits, assuring that patient needs are met. Uses visit trending to anticipate needs and schedules accordingly.
  • Generates service orders at least twice daily.
  1. Actively maintains assigned team scheduling within McKesson.
  • Develops new Model calendar for visiting staff.
  • Maintains visiting staff Model and working calendars.
  • Corrects/adjusts calendars to accurately reflect staff’s expected work schedule/availability.
  • Completes weekend and off-shift planning. Minimizes carry-over visits to evenings or weekends whenever possible.
  1. Provides internal/external customer support, resolving all team based non-clinical customer issues as able.
  2. Provides clerical support to team in printing/faxing/scanning patient information. Monitors and prints all relevant reports used for visit scheduling purposes.
  3. Demonstrates ICARE values and behaviors. Promotes positive, supportive, respectful communication to all patients, families, referral sources, physicians, and VNS staff.
  4. Maintains patient and staff privacy and confidentiality at all times according to established policy and procedures.
  5. Utilizes resources, supplies and time efficiently in order to contain costs and increase work process efficiencies. Pursues efforts to reduce/eliminate avoidable costs and errors.
  6. Prompt notification of scheduling changes to patients and/or visiting staff
  7. Triage non-clinical phone calls and ensure warm-handoffs to other team members as appropriate.
  8. Requests, inquiries and concerns in an expedient and respectful fashion. Triages patient/ family/MD vendor telephone calls (primary contact in agency).
  9. Assists PHV staff throughout the day/assigned work hours with non-scheduling tasks.
  10. Reviews daily SOC/ROC notes and orders for accuracy.
  11. Triages any uncovered SN visits/SOCs/ROCs by 11 am and assess if visit can be rescheduled to evenings/next day or weekends if appropriate. Notifies MD and documents plan in patient record.
  12. Completes process for hospitalized patients including D/C orders.
  13. Monitors staffs’ caseloads and works with CTM to support excellent patient care and service and staff satisfaction.
  14. Reviews follow-up notes and resolves all needed follow-up actions.
  15. Obtains verbal orders from MD for med changes, care plan changes (wound care, procedures, AFD).
  16. Responsible for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) established by their manager.
  17. Makes status calls on high risk patients.


  • Current LPN license in good standing
  • Minimum of one-year experience as a clinical nurse in homecare, hospital, or skilled nursing facility
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Word processing and basic computer skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to promote positive work environment
  • Ability to work in high volume atmosphere
  • Good organizational, communication and problem-solving skills


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