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Are you thinking about changing careers?  Or perhaps you need to upgrade your skills to advance in your current career field.  Either way, RochesterWorks! can help you.

For Career Changers
At RochesterWorks! we believe that your choice of career should be centered around your interests.  Here is how we can help you make a career choice.
  1. Take a career interest assessment.  To make a good career choice, you need to have a solid understanding of your work-related interests, work values, and skills.  The Career Exploration Workshop or the Finding Your Ideal Occupation Workshop will get you started.  Current members may sign up for either workshops here
  2. Meet with a career center representative.  Now that you have your interest assessment results, what do you do with them?  A career center representative will meet with you for a two-part planning session.  At the first meeting, you will learn how to make use of Internet resources to narrow your list of matching occupations to 3-5 job titles.  At the second meeting, you will develop a concrete action plan to advance from where you are now to your new career goal.  If you have already completed one of our interest assessments, you may request an appointment by e-mailing your request and your RochesterWorks! NY member number to  
Career Exploration Resources (adults) (youth)
Skills Assessment

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Resources for Entrepreneurs
If you're thinking about forming your own business but aren't sure where to start, here are some excellent local resources to answer your questions and provide expert guidance. 
City of Rochester Economic Development 

New York State Training Providers 
Click here for the local portion of the list


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