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Go to RochesterWorks! . . . Responding to adds on the internet is not the best, nor the only way to job hunt.” – David

I greatly improved my resume and references through the workshops and 5 Step Program.” – David

Job Strategy Group provided regular motivation and advice on strategies and techniques to keep looking in new places and in new ways.” – Edwin

“The encouragement and positive attitudes of the staff were infectiously invaluable.” –  Edwin

Go to RochesterWorks! right away to start work on your resume, plan out your job campaign with an emphasis on networking, and stay positive.” – Jim

Utilize all the things RochesterWorks! has to offer especially 5 Steps, Job Strategy Group, networking, and explore yourself to identify what is most important to you.” - JoAnn

“RochesterWorks! got me to see the value of networking and that has become a habit with me now. It got me to see a whole world of possibilities that I couldn’t see before.” – Jim

RochesterWorks! prepares you for the current job environment and uses all current resources to give you the best chance of finding the gap or ideal position.” – Chris

“Utilize the RochesterWorks! workshops and social media to stay positive and informed on the breadth of possibilities.” - Edwin


Success Stories

RochesterWorks! has helped thousands of job seekers find better jobs or get training to enhance skills. Here are a few success stories we're proud to share.

Do you have a success story to share? Contact us to tell us about your experience!



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