Representatives from ER Associates attended yesterday’s Job Network presentation and provided some great tips and strategies on how to work with recruiters to increase your chances of landing a job. 

Recruiters can work directly with companies or can be hired/outsourced to help companies with the candidate recruiting and screening process. In today’s saturated job market more and more companies are hiring outside agencies to help save them time and money, so making connections and building relationships with recruiters can really help speed up your search.

Here are some key do’s and don’ts their team recommended to maximize your success working with a recruiter:

  • DO be honest. Be upfront with the recruiter about your background, employment history, and salary expectations.
  • DO follow-up with a recruiter throughout the process. If you interview with a company and are truly interested in working with them, tell the recruiter first thing! If the company might not be the best fit, share that information as well.
  • DON’T be a pest. Limit your follow-up to an appropriate number of calls or emails to your recruiter. A good rule of thumb is to check-in about once per month.
  • DO be professional and personable. Recruiters are your “in” with a company, so always put your best job search face forward. Be friendly and courteous. 
  • DON’T go around the recruiter and try to contact the company yourself. This will taint the relationship you’ve built with the recruiter and ensure you won’t be considered for other positions.

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