Rosa Smith-Montanaro

By Rosa Smith-Montanro, Placement Specialist

Years ago job seekers would ask “Is it okay if I use my cell phone for contact information?” While the appropriateness of cell phone use was a heated debate back then, it has now become the preferred way to communicate.  Many homes have disconnected their land lines and use their cell phones exclusively.

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It has taken time for the telecommunications industry to find ways to pique our interest and rely on this new technology as part of our day to day lives. This lead to the invention of the smart phone – providing the best of a PDA and a phone – which is rapidly becoming the favorite for many people. There are numerous apps for fun, convenience and productivity.

Whatever your interests are, there is an app for that.
If you are in job search, consider the following apps.

JobFinder:  The program searches the internet to bring you up to date job postings.

Indeed: This is a robust search engine that spiders many other job boards to bring you a large range of job postings.

CareerBuilder:  This app automatically gauges your location and will let you search for a new post to stay on top of your job search.

Documents To Go: Access  and email your documents from the Microsoft Office series.

Box: Organize your documents and projects. It allows you to collaborate on projects, and share content.

CardMunch: This app makes following up easy. You snap a picture of a business card and all of their information is transcribed. You can email them instantly from your smart phone.

Job Compass: Job Compass uses GPS technology to  find career opportunities, from your current location.

Linkedin:  The popular site’s app puts your professional network just a touch away.

This a very short list of what is out there in cyber space. Once you land a job, there are even more applications that you can use to manage your time, mail and stress level.


Rosa Smith-Montanaro is a Placement Specialist for RochesterWorks!. She works with businesses on behalf of the Summer Youth Employment Program and Year Round Youth Employment Services. Rosa also serves as the Wellness Coordinator, reviewing and implementing initiatives that will contribute to creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for all employees. Rosa has been at RochesterWorks! for four years and has worked directly with customers as a Career Services Advisor and a Workshop Specialist in addition to working with businesses as a Business Services Representative.

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