Managing a job search while raising a family, going to school, and dealing with the emotions of losing a job can be frustrating. Regardless of your age, every job seeker faces challenges. In Job Search Management, a workshop favorite at RochesterWorks, Workshop Specialist Annie Walker works with job seekers to help them overcome challenges and strategize for their future.

 In this article we want to address five key strategies that can help you manage your job search to give you a taste of some of the resources that are available to you through our workshops here at RochesterWorks.

Finding a job is a full-time job. You need personal drive and initiative, but you also need to remember that you are not alone.  Family, friends, and former coworkers play a key role in your job search. Similar to the coaches and advisors here at RochesterWorks, they are your support network.

Our goal is to help you strategically plan your campaign—targeting the right people—to connect with companies that need your skills and experience.

In Job Search Management, as well as in other workshops available to you at our Career Center, our coaches address key strategies to help you manage your job campaign.

Here are five strategies to get you started.

1.  Write a 45-Second Commercial
Your 45-Second Commercial (aka your “elevator speech”) answers the question, “Tell me about yourself,” in an interview. Clearly defining who you are, what you’ve done, and what you are looking for sets you apart and helps you to strategize. One job-seeker who attended a job fair mentioned that employers, after hearing her 45-second commercial, told her that they wanted to hire her even before looking at her resume. By identifying her expertise, background, unique qualities, and desired position she connected with the needs of her hiring employer and set herself apart as a job seeker.

(Make Your Own Substitutions)
 “I am an Office Supervisor with expertise in Microsoft applications as well as budget management and insurance software. My background includes five years of experience in the healthcare industry managing staff and maintaining records. My unique qualities include an attention to detail complemented by a personable outlook and management style.”

2.      Know Where to Look
Knowing where and how to look for jobs is crucial to finding the job that is right for you. Approximately 80% of job openings are never published externally. They are a part of a hidden job market that is only accessible through networking. That means that the other 20% of job openings are visible. Do you know how to find them? LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and various other niche web sites provide opportunities for you to research your skill set and find what is currently available in your industry.

3.      Know Who Can Help
Where do you turn for job search advice? Recruiting agencies, networking groups, and career centers are only some of the job search resources available to you. It is essential for you to know where to look, how to connect, and what’s going on in your industry to stay ahead.

4.      Create a Marketing Plan
How do you plan to find a job? Posting your resume and waiting for someone to call and hire you probably won’t get you anywhere. You need to have a proactive plan outlining how you plan to accomplish your career goals. You may need to take a bridge job, but having a proactive plan enables you to move in the right direction to advance your career[SC4] . For example, if you are interested in a medical career, but have been at home for many years, you may need to accept an intermediate position while you pursue re-certification programs in order to update your skill set.

5.      Set Up a Schedule
How many hours do you invest in your job search? You need to set up a schedule to maintain a routine. Many job seekers struggle to stay motivated with a lot of extra free time on their hands. Learn how to manage your time wisely to stay motivated while you are looking for a job. It makes a difference.

These strategies influence the lives of job seekers that attend the workshops at RochesterWorks. Take advantage of the free resources available to you. From Job Search Management and Job Strategy Group to Catchy Cover Letters and “Right” Your Resume, learn how to embrace and overcome life’s challenges to stay motivated in your career and in life.

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