For six weeks this summer over 900 youth were given the opportunity to gain work experience, meet new people, and learn new skills through summer work experience programs.

The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), in collaboration with the City of Rochester’s Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP), provided youth with six weeks of paid work experience through work sites and projects all across the county.

This year RochesterWorks!, through the SYEP program, placed nearly 500 youth in over 70 different work sites and projects. Of these youth we have chosen 7 to represent this year’s Summer All-Stars. Our All-Stars took advantage of the opportunity and went above and beyond to learn new skills and explore future career opportunities.

Keep reading to find out what they enjoyed about the Summer Youth Employment Program!

Jomar, 17
Emerge Partners, Inc.
Future Computer Programmer or Technician
“This summer was my first time working in a business environment. I learned so much from the people I work with. The world is getting more technical and over the past six weeks I gained a lot of experience working with computers.”

 Angela, 16
Memorial Art Gallery
Future Nurse
“My favorite part of the summer was learning as well as working. It’s been a great experience. At first I came in so nervous, but it has prepped me for a year-round job. ”

 AJ, 17
Cornell Cooperative Extension for Monroe County
Future Chef or Marine
“This program helped me to learn skills that I can use in the future. It was great to get out of the house and meet new people. I also learned a lot from my supervisor. She taught me how to be organized and stay on track.”

John, 17
ARC of Monroe County
Future Graphic Designer
“Growing up I had to rely a lot on myself. This program helped me to figure out that you can rely on other people. It also gave me the experience to figure out how to get where I want to be.”

RochesterWorks_Priya_photoPriya, 16
Regional Center for Independent Living
Future Lawyer
“I loved learning about and creating a website with my coworkers. I also enjoyed the community outreach we did. We put on a poetry slam and helped out at the ADA picnic.”

RochesterWorks_SharRon_photoSha-Ron, 17
Youth Exploring Entrepreneurial Program
Future U.S. Marshall
“My favorite part of the summer program was developing my own business. I created a sports drink called Infinity Sports Drink. I also learned how to handle myself under pressure and I was able to develop my public speaking skills.”

Kaniya_photoKaniya, 16
BioDrill Technologies Inc.
Future Business Woman or Accountant
“I appreciate that people took the time to consider my generation and our future. Everyone really took time to work with us and I feel lucky to have had this experience.”

Whether you are a business or a youth, it is an incredible opportunity that you do not want to miss out on!

Our Summer All-Stars took advantage of it! Will you?

Click here to learn more about the Summer Youth Employment Program! Applications for the 2015 program will be accepted again in the spring.

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