Compiled by Todd Sloane, Career Services Advisor

At RochesterWorks! we ask job-seekers who have landed to share their success and “pay-it-forward” to those who have not yet landed. We receive many candid, compelling and inspiring stories each month. Here is another piece of “advice for the job-seeker” from someone who has landed recently in question and answer format.

Move quickly, be persistent & have faith

Q. Briefly tell your search story…
A. Before [attending] Classes, I applied to over 100++ job postings on the Internet job boards and went on 4-5 first interviews…. After classes I became committed to a broader process, networked, posted my resume on Linkedin, developed the tools of the Elevator Speech, STAR stories, tracking reports and practiced interview skills.

Q. What advice do you have for others?
A.Get committed to moving quickly and steadily through the unemployment process. This will end, but how soon and the status of your professional, financial, family, mental condition is the variable that is up to you.  Eat, drink and sleep “Your Job Search”, employ new tactics and people to support you in obtaining an even more satisfying interesting job than before. Balance and be healthy. Stay upbeat. Use this as an opportunity to grow in your career and life contributions. Focus on the opportunities before you that align with your personal goals and leave every negative economic report, statistic, unreturned call, excuse, interruption, unemployment horror story, unacknowledged cover letter/job application in the past. The truth is there are still good opportunities in the marketplace and you can connect with them. – Amy H.

Thanks to our customer who responded to our survey to share their story.  Do you have a success story to share? Tell it here.


Todd Sloane

Todd Sloane MS Ed., is a Career Services Advisor at RochesterWorks! His mission to help his clients to live their ideal lifestyle, personally and professionally, by implementing practical proven strategies that work.

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