Compiled by Todd Sloane, Career Services Advisor

At RochesterWorks! we ask job-seekers who have landed to share their success and “pay-it-forward” to those who have not yet landed. We receive many compelling and inspiring stories each month. Below are some pieces of “advice for the job-seeker” from folks who have landed recently . This is their advice, in their own words…

Keep an Open Mind…
Q. What advice do you have for others?
A. Keep an open mind. Sometimes I do not get what I want, yet if I pushed forward I could get something even better. I feel this job is a good fit for me, yet it was plan B. Plan A was to go into the accounting field.  I am very happy with plan B…. Have faith within yourself good things will come. – Andy Z.

Network & Build your Interviewing Confidence…
Q. Briefly tell your search story…
A. I did as much networking as possible, and had many people review my resume. Attended several RochesterWorks sessions, [networking] meetings, and Career Navigator. Posted my resume online and applied for positions online.
Q. What led to your success?
A. A solid resume construction and confidence in the interview.
Q. What advice do you have for others?
A. Be assertive, and get comfortable interviewing. -Jo C.

Be Prepared to Describe your Accomplishments…
Q. Briefly tell your search story…
A. I sought a position as a Black Belt in a hospital. Initially unsuccessful and gave up until taking Career Navigator. After the course, I began applying again.  In October, I interviewed in New Haven and by early November I was offered a job.
Q. How did you change your strategy?
A. More prepared. Told better stories about my accomplishments.
Q. What led to your success?
A. Communicated my capabilities more effectively. My manager commented that I was the best communicator of all the candidates.
Q. Advice for others?
A. Document your stories and be prepared to describe your accomplishments. – Hugh F

Thanks to our customers who responded to our survey to share their story.  Do you have a success story to share? Tell it here.


Todd Sloane MS Ed., is a Career Services Advisor at RochesterWorks! His mission to help his clients to live their ideal lifestyle, personally and professionally, by implementing practical proven strategies that work.

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