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Our Career Advisors constantly receive questions about tips and strategies for negotiating a job offer. In the current state of the economy many people are hesitant to negotiate and jepordize their chances at atjob, but after you receive a job offer you are in a better position to negotiate than you realize. When done properly negotiating can have a great result for both you and the company, but a successful outcome requires lots of research, planning, and decision making, as well as a solid understanding of your strengths and capabilities.

A successful negotiator must have some degree of “leverage”. Leverage can situationally mean: uninterrupted track record of work attendance, experience using a particular piece of equipment, or a unique track record of success. Leverage is exceptional value that you bring to an employer.

In successful negotiations, both sides feel good about the outcome. It’s not a win-lose outcome; but rather a win-win outcome.

Take lesson from the Boy Scouts, “Be prepared.” Do your homework and know the value of the things you are going to negotiate. (e.g. What’s the cost of health care benefits on an annual basis, the value of a week’s gained or forfeited vacation.)

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