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Request for Proposals
2017 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I
Year-Round Workforce Development Services to Youth

Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2017
Mandatory Information Session (Bidder’s Conference): Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 2 p.m.
Deadline for Submission: Thursday, April 20, 2017 – 12 p.m. (Noon)
Award Notification: Wednesday, June 21,2017

RochesterWorks, Inc. anticipates the availability of $749,000 in WIOA Youth Funds and seeks to solicit proposals from governmental units, public or private not-for-profit or for-profit corporations, local educational agencies, faith-based and community-based agencies to support Youth Workforce Development Service Navigators (Navigator) for the period July 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018.

The objective of a Navigator is to provide a coordinated approach through which RWI and its community partners can collaborate to create community-wide access of workforce development services to youth.  This will result in the maximization of resources to reduce the duplication of service by providing structured employment opportunities, increasing basic skills, job retention, and the earnings of local youth.  A Navigator may be one individual or portions of multiple individuals, all depending upon the service delivery, design and leverage of resources. Preference will be given to Agencies with the capacity to house two or more Navigators.  Agencies without the capacity to house more than one Navigator should provide a detailed plan of action on how youth will be served through a Navigator transition.

Under this solicitation, up to 14 Navigators will be sought to focus on WIOA supported services for older disconnected out of school youth. For the purpose of this solicitation, older disconnected youth will meet the criteria of being aged between 16 to 24, not attending school nor employed and are not readily employable due to the lack of basic skills.

To learn more about this funding opportunity go to the RochesterWorks! website at, across the top click on Newsroom, and then RFPs. A mandatory informational session is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at the American Red Cross, Greater Rochester Chapter, 50 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 14607. Registration is requested before 12 Noon on March 28. E-mail Cassilda Campbell at with the name and contact information (email, phone number) of the staff(s), along with the organization to be represented.

Seating is limited. Standing room will be available.

2017 WIOA Youth RFP
2017-WIOA Youth RFP - A1 Proposal Summary Form
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A2 Budget
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A3 Certifications
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A4 Youth Works Model
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A5 WIOA Perforamnce Goals
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A6 Target Population and Eligibility
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A7 Navigator Responsibilities and Service Delivery...
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A8 Workforce Terms and Definitions
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A9 14 WIOA Elements
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - A10 Monitoring and Support

2017 WIOA Youth RFP - Bidders Conference Q&A
2017 WIOA Youth RFP - Bidders Conference Powerpoint

City of Rochester (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! (SYEP)
Request for Proposals

2017 Project-Based Summer Work Experience for Youth Ages 14-15 and 16-20

Posted: Monday, November 21, 2016
Deadline for Submission: Open
Award Notification: Expected May 2017

Mandatory Bidders Conference:
Tuesday, December 6, 2016  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m or 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Danforth Community Center (200 West Avenue, Rochester, NY)
Please RSVP via EventBrite @
Proposals due no later than 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 12, 2017

The City of Rochester’s Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) formally announces a joint effort to assist youth with summer jobs. This solicitation is a collaborative effort expected to help more than 700 youth ages 14-20 secure paid and structured work experience this summer. RochesterWorks! anticipates receipt of funds approved by the New York State Governor and Legislature allocated for the purpose of Summer Youth Employment and the City of Rochester anticipates funding to be received from its general operating fund and the New York State Department of Labor. Total funding for this solicitation is expected to equal $800,000.

The City of Rochester and RochesterWorks! seek community partners to deliver structured project-based paid summer work experiences for youth.  This RFP seeks to identify local for-profit, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations possessing an individual or team that has the capability to provide an experience in any of the specified themes. Demonstrated expertise, adequate work space, and organizational/administrative capacity with sufficient cash flow and/or cash on hand to provide pay-rolling, supplies, and make required payments to initiate the project is essential.  Payments are made on a reimbursement basis only. With a total budget not to exceed $1,840 per youth, each project should serve a minimum 10 youth, run 6 weeks, 20 hours per week, and pay minimum wage ($9.70) during the period July 10 – August 18, 2017.

Project-based learning opportunities integrate work-experience and work-based learning, or combine work-based and classroom-based learning activities including e-learning that provide basic skills instruction, research, career exploration, and life-skills training that complement the work experience. Strategic and reasonable inclusion of enrichment activity(s) to include college and work readiness is required. This activity should consist of job search and retention strategies, positive workplace behaviors, reasoning skills, recognition of post-secondary career opportunities, and other activity leading to the development of a Career Portfolio for each youth.

Proposals will be evaluated based on creativity, specificity of experience, demonstrated expertise in project themes, relevance to in-demand industries, level of youth engagement, measureable outcomes, contributing partnerships, organizational and fiscal capacity, overall cost efficiency, and individuality.


Questions about this RFP will be taken at the Bidder’s Conference only.

Go to for RFP and and click on Newsroom across the top

Questions about this RFP will be taken at the Bidder’s Conference only. No telephone calls. Questions may be forwarded in advance to

RochesterWorks, Inc.
Request for Qualifications
Regional Sector Partnership Development, December 9, 2016
Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator

RochesterWorks, Inc. (RWI), a non-profit organization, has been designated by the County of Monroe and the City of Rochester to administer the workforce investment funds targeted for Monroe County. RWI serves as fiscal agent to Monroe County and research and development staff for the Monroe County/Rochester Workforce Development Board (WDB), managing all aspects of the local workforce investment system (RochesterWorks!).

RWI is located at 255 North Goodman Street, Rochester, New York 14607. Additional information on programs and services can be found at

RWI is seeking a letter of qualifications from business intermediaries or consortia of business intermediaries that are interested in providing an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator who will take the lead in developing a regional advanced manufacturing industry sector strategy for the GLOW (Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming), Finger Lakes (Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Yates) and Monroe County/Rochester Workforce Development Boards.

The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator is an individual who will perform the day-to-day work associated with this project and will take the lead in convening stakeholders to accomplish project objectives. The Industry Navigator may be either an employee of or an independent contractor of the business intermediary or lead agency. It is expected that the industry navigator will dedicate at least 25 hours per week to this project.

Eligible business intermediaries will have a significant number of manufacturing sector member businesses in the nine-county Finger Lakes Region that is covered by the three workforce boards named above. A consortium of business intermediaries may include two or more eligible business intermediaries with one of those entities named as the consortium lead.

About the Regional Sector Partnership Development Initiative

RWI has been awarded a grant by the New York State Department of Labor to be used for industry sector strategy planning and development in the nine-county Finger Lakes region.
The grant will be used to fund an initiative to develop a comprehensive, regional advanced manufacturing industry sector strategy centered on the following five dimensions:

  1. Analyze existing workforce data and collect additional needed data that will be used to make informed decisions during regional sector partnership meetings.

  2. A contracted Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator leads regional sector partnership meetings, recruits industry champions, and engages a diverse group of businesses of different sizes.

  3. Deliver workforce solutions, centered around career pathways, that are responsive to the needs of businesses and workers in the targeted industry sector: A career pathways map will be a major finished product of this effort. The career pathways map will also include tools to market advanced manufacturing careers to adults and youth in the region.

  4. Implement a plan that will achieve financial sustainability and continuous improvement of industry sector strategies.

  5. Build organizational capacity and align policies and resources to continually support sector strategy outcomes: One focus of the regional sector partnership meetings will be to make workforce policy recommendations to city and county governments and the three workforce development boards.

Project Scope and Timeframe

RWI intends to contract with a business intermediary or the lead entity of a consortium of business intermediaries to provide an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator for work to be accomplished between January 2, 2017 and June 30, 2017. This project will provide up to $45,000 in grant funding to the business intermediary or consortium lead to cover the following costs:

Personnel costs to hire or contract with an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator who will dedicate at least 25 hours per week to this project between the contract execution date and June 30, 2017

  • Mileage costs for the Industry Navigator
  • Telephone costs for the Industry Navigator
  • Office space costs for the Industry Navigator
  • Supplies for project activities
  • The cost of hosting up to 7 stakeholder meetings


Organizations interested in providing services described in this Request for Qualification (RFQ) should submit a response letter of no more than 1-2 pages that includes the following information:

  1. Identify the organization’s name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, President/CEO and management contact for the project.
  2.  Indicate whether you are submitting your response as a business intermediary or as the lead of a consortium of business intermediaries. If responding as a consortium lead, please provide the information described in #1, above, for each of the consortium members. Letters of support from consortium members are not required. RWI may contact consortium members who do not provide support letters to confirm their support.
  3. Answer the following questions about the composition (as of December 1, 2016) of the business membership for your organization alone.

a. How many business members do you have?
b. Do all of these members pay some sort of annual membership fee?
c. How many of your business members are manufacturing businesses?
d. How many of your manufacturing business members have a plant or headquarters within the counties of Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, or Yates?

      4.  If are responding as a consortium lead, please provide the information described in #3, above, for each of the consortium members.

      5. The  letter must be signed by the President/CEO or an official with authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the respondent.


RWI intends to select a business intermediary or consortium based on the following response criteria:

  1. Completeness of the letter of qualifications as outlined in the Contents of the Letter of Qualifications section above.
  2. The total number of business members that the business intermediary or consortium lead has that are paying members, are manufacturing businesses, and have a plant or headquarters in the nine-county Finger Lakes region.
  3. If a consortium, the total number of business members that each consortium member has that are paying members, are manufacturing businesses, and have a plant or headquarters in the nine-county Finger Lakes region.
  4. Respondents must meet the definition of eligible business intermediaries as described in the Purpose section of this RFQ.
  5. There will be a preference for consortia that include two or more eligible business intermediaries.
  6. RWI may perform an additional responsibility check for respondents with whom we have not had previous agreements.

Letters of Qualifications must be received either electronically or by mail by 12:00 Noon, Monday, December 19, 2016, sent to:
Lee Koslow
Technical Assistance and Training Manager
RochesterWorks, Inc.
255 N. Goodman St., Rochester, NY 14607

Questions may be e-mailed to up until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. Answers will be posted to

Friday, December 9, 2016
Request for Qualifications released

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Last day to submit questions

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Answers to questions posted to

Monday, December 19, 2016, 12:00 Noon
Letters of Qualifications due

Thursday, December 22, 2016
RWI announces results of RFQ solicitation

RSPD Responses to Questions Received by December 14

RWI has received one qualifying response to this RFQ solicitation. We are awarding the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Navigator project to a consortium of business intermediaries including Rochester Technology & Manufacturing Association, as lead organization, and Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise, as a partner organization.





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