Establishing your online presence is a key part of building your personal brand. Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert, predicts that in the coming years our online presence will replace the traditional resume. He recommends that everyone establish profiles for themselves on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

These days we hear more and more about recruiters using the web to search for and screen candidates. When a recruiter types your name into Google and clicks search, what will they find?

It’s important to be proactive by making sure the first search results are items you want people to see, and that reflect positively on you and your career. Control the message. Careerealism has a great article, “Brand or be Branded” on how to create or improve your “online career identity.”

If you’re just getting started, take small steps and begin by creating a profile on one social networking site. Consider attending our LinkedIn workshop on March 25 for tips on creating your LinkedIn profile. There’s no time like the present to start establishing your online reputation.

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