Only RochesterWorks! provides a unique set of
customized services to businesses and job seekers
at little-to-no cost, preparing a skilled workforce
and connecting them with opportunities in our region.

Professional   Knowledgeable   Caring
Responsive   Progressive



The way RochesterWorks! communicates and works together with the City, the Department of Labor, and other organizations to bring services to small businesses is truly invaluable.

  — American Aerogel Corp. (AAC)

I am so excited and thankful to be where I am today. Being involved with the Work Experience Program really gave me an opportunity that I would otherwise not have been able to experience.”

— Alexandra

As a junior who will be applying for college next year, I am interested in developing strong skills that will make me a well-rounded student. I like working with children and helping others and would like to spend my summer being involved.”

— Dajour, 17

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