Owner of the Sharp Edgez Barber Shop

Tykim’s passion is evidenced by his success as the owner of the Sharp Edgez Barber Shop on Dewey Avenue. Hard work, dedication, and persistence fuel his determination and commitment to his business and the community.

Three years ago, Tykim needed funds in order to attend the Sharp Edgez Barber Institute. Remembering his prior experience with the unemployment services of RochesterWorks!, Tykim contacted Geoff Bieber, Senior Youth Services Specialist, to begin the application process for a Youth Training Grant. Tykim’s application was accepted granting him full funding for the program.

 Receiving funding enabled Tykim to focus his energy on learning and excelling in his education. His excellence paid off when he was given the opportunity to manage, then own, a Sharp Edgez Barber Shop. Today, Tykim inspires his employees to plan for their future careers. Having been blessed with the opportunity to pursue his dream, Tykim now empowers others to discover their passion and work hard to achieve their goals.

 Find out how Tykim pursues his passion as a young entrepreneur by watching his full interview and hear how he inspires his employees to pursue their own dreams. 

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