Rochester-based company NiCoForm, Inc. uses electroforming and electroplating methods for applications in the aerospace, optical, medical, and other high technology fields. When NiCoForm was looking to hire a candidate for the open position of Engineering Technician, they reached out to RochesterWorks! to find out what assistance was available.

Using On-the-Job Training grant funds offered through RochesterWorks!, NiCoForm was able to offer the position to a candidate, Kristopher Tones, with strong potential but limited work experience in the field. The On-the-Job Training grant program reimbursed NiCoForm for $5,000 to cover the time spent training Kris and getting him to a place where he could work independently on the job.

John Contino, Production Manager of NiCoForm, said, “RochesterWorks! significantly helped our company and our new employee learn and grow together.  Kris came to the table with excellent skills and an associate’s degree, but still needed specific training in order to be productive within a high-tech, cutting edge science-based manufacturer like NiCoForm, Inc.  With the funding made available through RochesterWorks!, NiCoForm was able to add an exceptional employee to our engineering department.  Kris is filling a gap that our small engineering team has been covering for months, if not years.  From the swift application process to hiring, and now having a full-time employee who has a promising career path, NiCoForm, Inc. has greatly benefited from this experience and would gladly use RochesterWorks again.”

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