Congratulations to Qualicoat, selected as the RochesterWorks! Employer of the Month for October 2011!

For over 38 years Qualicoat Inc. has been a quality applicator of decorative and functional coatings.  Qualicoat is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier to companies in the sheet-metal, machining, computer, electronics, office equipment, architectural, medical, aerospace, defense and die casting industries.  Additional capabilities include chromate conversion coatings for aluminum, iron & zinc phosphating, asset reconditioning, sub-assemblies, intricate masking, silk screening, and pad printing. For more information on Qualicoat visit http://www.qualicoat.com.

Current job openings include Painter, Packer, Masker and Pretreatment Operator.

To view their open positions visit http://www.jobcentral.com/ny/ and search “Qualicoat.”

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