Tianna, Summer Youth Employment Program 2013

Tianna, along with fifteen other youth, took the summer to encourage people in the Rochester area to “Go Green” through the Green Footprint Project sponsored by Action for a Better Community (ABC).  As a team leader for the project Tianna became a role model for her peers teaching them the skills required by the professional world.
Her role in this program came from her success in the Summer Youth Employment Program sponsored by RochesterWorks! and the Summer of Opportunity Program. Tianna’s enrollment in the program for two years gave her the confidence she needed to take the initiative to become a role model for the students that she teaches at ABC.

Meet Tianna and Learn How the Summer Youth Employment Program Built Her Confidence by Clicking the Link to Watch Her Full Interview!

For more information on Summer Youth Programs offered through RochesterWorks! visit our website at rochesterworks.org/youth_services!

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