The results of a recent JobVite survey confirm that job seekers who use social networking sites are having increasing success finding employment. According to the survey, over 22 million job seekers found their last position through some form of social networking site like LinkedIn or Facebook.  The survey also found that job seekers with the highest number of contacts on those sites, aka “super social” job seekers, had better results finding work than those with fewer connections.

This confirms reports from a recent Wall Street Journal article which indicates some companies are moving away from using recruiters and using more “high tech” recruiting options, including upgrading to use the LinkedIn Recruiter tool.

While traditional referrals are still the number one way most individuals land jobs, social media continues to play an increasingly important role. The chart below shows an increase in the number of job seekers landing positions through social media sites, up from 11% last year to 16% this year.

Bottom line: continue to network both in-person and online to give yourself the best advantage in your work search. Visit one of our Career Centers and talk to a counselor about getting started!

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