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Human Services Month

RochesterWorks! is putting the spotlight on the Human Services industry.


We will introduce the community to the vast opportunities within this industry and disprove some common misconceptions. Please take this opportunity to learn about various effective strategies to find employment within the Human Services world.


  • Meaningful work which can directly impact
    the life of another
  • Can work with populations closest to your
    heart (i.e. runaway youth,individuals in recovery,
    the homeless)
  • There are hundreds of local nonprofits which
    translates into many potential employment
    opportunities now and in the future
  • Help improve the quality of life for individuals,
    families and communities
  • Giving back while earning a paycheck!
  • Explore direct care and non-direct care careers
    options.From operations to social work to
    administrative support; environmental services
    and food prep. Human services/Nonprofit
    work encompasses a wide variety of roles.

This Month's Events

June 7, 9-11, Finding Your Perfect Job in Human Services

What roles can be found in human services? Many! While some jobs are unique to this field, many can be found across a wide variety of fields. So why human services? Come to this session and learn not only what the jobs are in human services, but also learn how working in human services is different, and often more rewarding, than other fields.

June 12, 9-11, Where the Jobs Are

Want to learn more about the best opportunities in Human Services or non-profits in general? In this session, we will look at the high growth roles in the field and career ladders for those entering or considering a switch to the field. Lastly we will show you some of our favorite tools to find “hidden gems” – companies and job resource we love to share!


June 21, 9-11, Purpose Driven Work

Having a sense of personal mission, combined with your core work values is closely linked to job satisfaction which corresponds to pay, advancement and retention. In this session, you will deepen your sense of what is meaningful to you professionally and learn how to use this knowledge to identify companies where you can thrive.

June 28, 9-11 Bucket List

Have questions on your Job Finding list? Select any one job search topic relevant to you, put it in our bucket, and see what gets picked! If you are facing challenges or barriers in your campaign, let us know; we’ll come up with strategies that will best work for you. No matter the outcome, you will come away with multiple tools and strategies to help you accomplish those goals.



Our panel of local employers and educators in the field of Social & Human Services will share their knowledge of what it takes to get hired and advance in your career! Download the flyer here





The following businesses are scheduled to appear and these are the openings available: Download the flyer here

CDS Life Transitions

Rochester Prep
(Uncommon Schools)

Trillium Health

Center for Disability Rights

Catholic Family Centers

Hillside Family of Agencies

Rochester Rehabilitation

Heritage Christian Services

Lifetime Assistance, Inc.

•In-Home Respite Counselor (PT or Per Diem)

Action for a Better Community




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