Last week Brian Keenan from The Employment Store delivered a great presentation to RochesterWorks! Job Network members on the top tips for job seekers to help stand out in your job search.

The Employment Store hired over 3,500 individuals for various positions last year, more than many of the larger employers in the area. Here are just a couple of the tips that were shared from the perspective of recruiters and companies that hire a large number of individuals.

  • If a company accepts online applications and hard copy applications, your best bet is to submit your application online. Your resume will be kept on file either way, but online applications are much easier for recruiters to sort through.
  • Use to create an account and search for jobs. In Rochester, more companies use CareerBuilder due to CareerBuilder’s contract with Gannett, which also owns the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
  • In your profile, include your previous salary and desired wage in your profile info. Recruiters have the ability to sort resumes based on individuals who list their earnings, and including this information can keep your resume in consideration. This is not the negotiation for the position so you are not locked into the wage information you included, but it does give recruiters a ball park
  • On, go in and update your information once evey week or so. This doesn’t have to mean big changes, even adding or removing a word or middle initial will update your profile. Employers can filter their searches based on how recently you’ve updated your information and this will keep you searchable with other active job seekers.
  • Many of these tips also apply to
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