Every Thursday we’re counting down the top 10 mistakes that job seekers sometimes make in their search, and offering tips on how you can avoid them. Many of us are guilty of this next mistake, which is:

3) Procrastination: Waiting until the unemployment check runs out to start a job search.

If you’ve worked a long time and are now unemployed, you probably deserve a break. Go ahead, take a vacation. But don’t let the vacation last 26 weeks or until your unemployment checks run out. It doesn’t get any easier the longer you wait to start your search. In fact, psychologically and emotionally, it probably becomes tougher. And, the longer you are unemployed, the less marketable and the less desirable you become to an employer.

Self-assessment and occupational/career exploration should begin immediately, if not prior to actual unemployment because you may discover through this process that you lack marketable skills or need to make a career change, which will require re-training. Vocational training typically takes 12 weeks to 2 years. Conducting a job search over several months may also confirm the need for re-training. So don’t wait until the unemployment checks run out to start your job search.

Take action and build a specific plan. Set deadlines and goals for each day and each week. Start networking with the right people. Stay motivated and think positively. If you’re not sure where to start, visit one of our Career Centers and meet with a counselor.

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#10 Job seekers do not take an honest self-inventory of what they have to offer an employer.

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