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Work Experience Program (WEP)

The Work Experience Program is an activity supported by the Monroe County Department of Human Services and it helps customers receiving benefits gain/refresh their marketable skills.

Employability Assessment Program

This provides an in-depth assessment of customers past, present, and future goals in order to assign them to activities supported by the Monroe county Department of Human Services.

Job Readiness Training for Families

This is a job readiness training for families, this focuses on individual and family development and addresses the entire being. (Non-custodial parents who are referred from the court system are also referred to this program)

Job Placement/OJT Funding/ Job Fairs/Special Projects

RochesterWorks! assists individuals with job placement from the Work Experience Program and/other programs. Additional services are available such as on-site recruitments and job fairs open to the public and by invitation only.

Wage Subsidy Program (OTDA)

RochesterWorks! Provides an intensive job readiness training in order to prepare and place customers in competitive employment utilizing a wage subsidy.

Workshops (on site and off site for special projects or requests)

Resume Workshop
Interviewing Workshop
Soft Skills Training
Basic Computer Training/Online Applications

Career Center Open Lab

RochesterWorks! Career Center is open to anyone Monday through Thursday from 1:00pm-4:00pm, 27 computers are available for any skill training or job search. (Calls are made every half hour to bring people back to the lab)

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Employability Assessment

Contact Christine Whitfield at 585-753-5721 or email her at cwhitfield@rochesterworks.org.

Work Experience Program

Contact Tammy Perkins at 585-753-5654 or email her at tperkins@rochesterworks.org

Job Readiness Training

Contact Marisol Young at 585-753-1332 or myoung@rochesterworks.org


Contact Kathy Ziegler at 585-753-5386 or email her at kziegler@rochesterworks.org

Work Experience Program

Contact Tammy Perkins at 585-753-5654 or email her at tperkins@rochesterworks.org

Job Readiness Training for Families

Contact Dave Jackson at 585-753-5729 or djackson@rochesterworks.org

Job Readiness Training Wage Subsidy

Contact Marisol Young at 585-753-1332 or myoung@rochesterworks.org

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Learn about on the job training initiative

Our on the job training helps businesses grow by providing funding and training for qualified candidates for open positions.

Wage Subsidy fact sheet

Up to date information about how we subsidize wages.

Interested in hiring our customers Or Want to learn about our incentives?

Contact Kathy Ziegler at 585-753-5386 or email kziegler@rochesterworks.org

From Our Customers

“RochesterWorks! staff go beyond their job this entire office comes together to help and it is like you become a lean, mean, fighting, machine. RochesterWorks! helped me do a complete 180-degree change in my life, not because they had to but because they wanted to.”


“Let me express my gratitude for the On the Job Training (OJT) program and the value it has for our agency. OJT has enabled us
to choose the right person for an important position, at the right time, with a source of funds that makes it possible. ” Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services, Inc.

Our Stories

How has becoming employed changed your life?

Individuals are becoming employed through various programs at our RochesterWorks! Saint Paul office, here are some of the things being said when asked the question, how has becoming employed changed your life? Lavonia Dunbar (Assistant Teacher) The Rite Care Child...

read more

Diligence and Perseverance Leads to Opportunity for Hilda

Hilda came to the Work Experience Program with substantial experience and success in her entire adult life. Having no prior experience with social services she was uncomfortable and sometimes frustrated to be a part of the process. “Applying for benefits was one of...

read more


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Only RochesterWorks! provides a unique set of customized services to businesses and job seekers at little-to-no cost, preparing a skilled workforce and connecting them with opportunities in our region.

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