What is a Marketing Plan?

Marketing plans can be used as a crucial networking tool designed to generate conversations and opportunities. A marketing plan is a one-page document that summarizes your objective, skills, competencies, and personal brand. It is a future-oriented, evolving plan that is helpful to others as a conversation starter and helps them to assist you effectively. A marketing plan opens the door to receive feedback that can benefit the direction of your job search and expanding opportunities. The marketing plan is a non-threatening tool to have conversations with professionals about the work you can do and to discover what opportunities are available in which your skills can be utilized.

What Should Go Into a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan could include the following components:

  • Header- Name, Contact Information, Optional Photo
  • Summary- Objective, Qualifications or Your Personal 45 Second Commercial
  • Target Job Titles- Example: Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Clerk
  • Skills and/or Competencies
  • Criteria
    • Industry- Types of Industries (example: Information Technology, Healthcare, Insurance)
    • Size of Organization
    • Location- Geographic Preference
    • Target Companies- 40 Potential Employers

Why Should I Have a Marketing Plan?

Individuals may believe that their resume alone is their marketing strategy; however, the resume depicts the past but a marketing plan shows where you would like to be in the future. Annie explains “you will get your next job from someone who knows who you are and what you do”; a personalized marketing plan is a great resource to begin networking and making new connections. Modeled after business plans, marketing plans allow others to better understand your brand. The marketing plan will demonstrate where and when you can use your skills and open yourself up to receiving feedback. Supervisors tend to hire individuals they already know or someone that a co-worker knows. Make yourself known with a marketing plan that highlights who you are and what you have to offer.

How Can I Learn More?

Come to the Marketing Plan workshop at RochesterWorks! Aside from this overview, the facilitator provided marketing plan templates, made personal connections with the audience by actively involving them in the presentation, referred participants to specific additional resources, and added a personal touch that left the attendants feeling understood and encouraged. Job-seekers can benefit from “The Best Guide for Job Search- Your Marketing Plan” as they learn practical and tactful advice about how to create a marketing plan, who to network with, how to have constructive conversations, and how to do your “homework” to ensure successful connections. (For additional information please visit the Workshop Calendar and Descriptions on the RochesterWorks! Website: www.rochesterworks.org)

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