Every Thursday we’re counting down the top 10 mistakes job seekers make, and how to avoid them. Here is this week’s advice from our Career Advisors is:

8.) Job Seekers are often not specific about the kinds of jobs they want making the job search process longer and less effective.

The more specific you are about the type of job you want, what industry sector and geographic area, the sooner you’ll be successful in obtaining your employment or career goal.

A proactive job search requires knowing what you want and where to find it – not simply re-acting to job opportunities advertised by companies through job postings. A proactive job search involves uncovering job and career opportunities before they become public through networking or marketing.

Time spent researching occupations, industry sectors, or employers can provide valuable information leading to a more focused job search. Databases of companies, like the NYSDOL Business Directory, are available to help job seekers research and explore companies in particular industry sectors and regions. By establishing specific occupational or career goals you will be able to customize your job search plan and job search tools, like the resume, and achieve your employment goals in a shorter period of time.

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