Each month RochesterWorks! features a Monroe County employer that is noted for their dedication to recruiting and using RochesterWorks! services. During the month we spotlight their company on our website and give them an opportunity to share tips and information about their business with interested job seekers at our Employer Presentation.

In June we invited Verizon Wireless to be our Employer of the Month. At their presentation representatives from the Human Resources team here in Rochester shared stories, insight, and tips with everyone who attended.

If you missed out on this great event, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to find out what we learned.

Top Tips for Your Job Search

  1. Experience is an Advantage
    Don’t negate any of your life experience. Whether it is an internship or volunteer work, experience is experience. Use it to your advantage. If you are transitioning to a new industry explain how it relates to telecommunications and customer service.
  2. Get an Insider’s Perspective
    Research every position you apply for. Get an insider’s perspective on the job and decide if it’s really something you can excel in. Schedule informational interviews, research a company’s website, or connect with someone you know that can help you learn more.
    If you’re interested in working at Verizon Wireless, check us out on social media. We share job previews to give you an idea of why we’re a great company to work for and what it’s like to work for us. Click here to see them now!
  3. Follow Up and Follow Through
    Unless otherwise stated, it’s okay to follow up on your job application after submitting it online. It demonstrates your sincere interest and can help to set you apart as long as you keep in mind that many jobs produce a large volume of applications.
    It’s also very important that you are available. Many times we are unable to contact an applicant due to an inactive phone number or invalid email. Check your voicemail often and reply promptly to invitation and request emails related to your application. It will help us to get you to an interview faster.

Learn about
Verizon Wireless
As the nation’s largest wireless carrier with more than 102 million customers, Verizon Wireless employs 1,300 in the Rochester area through its regional headquarters in Henrietta.

At Verizon Wireless, you will be able to take advantage of in-depth training, excellent benefits, flexible work hours, and work-based incentives. As a global company, the opportunities to learn and grow are endless.

Connecting people and places using state-of-the-art technology, Verizon Wireless is a company of the future. According to one of Verizon’s HR Representatives, “It’s nice to have a company that is ahead of the future. When you work in the future, you have jobs.”

Learn more about why you should work for Verizon Wireless!

How to Apply for Jobs at
Verizon Wireless:

  • Go to to apply for open positions.
    Verizon Wireless is currently hiring for their next training class for Job #360200 starting in August. Visit the website to apply today!
  • Wait for an email invitation to begin the pre-screen process to arrive in 7-10 business days
  • Participate in a pre-screen interview over the phone
  • Schedule and take a computer-based assessment
    Make sure that you note the correct date and time for this test. It’s imperative to your application that you show up.
  • Participate in a follow up phone interview with Human Resource
    This interview is primarily job related. Think about your previous work and relate that to the position you are applying for.
  • Participate in an in-person interview with a supervisor
  • Wait for the final decision from the Human Resources Manager

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