#1 Most Frequent Tip:  Maintain a positive attitude

Negativity impacts one’s success at networking and ability to connect with others to uncover opportunities.  It can cancel out any potential positive outcomes from time invested in the process leading up to the interview. It affects one’s likeability, a key factor in getting hired.  Employers want to hire individuals who are eager, energetic and enthusiastic about working for them.  Obtaining a job in today’s competitive market typically takes months, even longer, so it is normal to feel discouraged and down at times.  Be self-aware and know what it takes to keep you positive and motivated for the long haul.   It will likely mean the difference between landing a job sooner than later.

Many of our staff have been reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, which talks about finding your own happiness in the workplace to fuel your success. These same principles can also be applied to your job search. Read more in this post by our Deputy Director Connie Felder.

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