by Rosa Smith-Montanaro, Placement Specialist

Rosa Smith-Montanaro

Finding the motivation to stay on track with your job search can be a job in itself. It is natural to feel discouraged when you don’t see the results you hoped for.  But it is paralyzing to stay in that mindset. The last thing you need is to let your mind become obsessed with negative thoughts. Companies hire for attitude first, and you want to be memorable in a good way!

So the question becomes: “How do you stay motivated while in an extensive job search?”  Here is a list of 5 tips to help you:

  • Be in it for the long haul: This is a time when a large number of job seekers are in the market at the same time. It is going to take far longer than you think to find a job. If you decide that no matter what happens, you will not give up, you will be more resilient. Tell yourself that it is only a matter of time and you will be employed.
  • Be realistic:  Do your research. Find out what is happening in your field within your local job market. This will help you to mentally prepare for what to expect. I used to be in sales and would attend seminars to boost my motivation. One of my favorite speakers Zig Ziglar, teaches “Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” It is great advice.
  • Don’t take what happens personally: It is a competitive time to look for a job. Companies are cherry picking and can afford to pass on outstanding candidates in the hopes of finding that one additional quality that will be a good return on their investment.Here are four questions to help you to evaluate yourself:
    1. Are you doing your best?
    2. Are you coachable?
    3. Are your skills are up to date?
    4. Are you making your full time job finding a job?
    If you answered yes to all of the above, then keep doing what you are doing. Do not take it personally; decide that you are in it for the long haul. Timing is everything, so keep networking and sending out your resume.
  • Have a Plan A, B and C:  It is wise to have a game plan that takes into consideration the need for a back up plan. If your primary goal is to work with technology, plan B might be to work for a technology company, plan C may include a “survival” job. 
  • Keep your eye on the goal: Remember to put the past behind you, and don’t dwell on things that make you feel bad. Replace those thoughts with an image of you successfully working – doing what you enjoy. This is the mindset that will motivate you. Think of Werner Erhard’s quote:  “Create your future from your future, not your past.”     


Rosa Smith-Montanaro is a Placement Specialist for RochesterWorks!. She works with businesses on behalf of the Summer Youth Employment Program and Year Round Youth Employment Services. Rosa also serves as the Wellness Coordinator, reviewing and implementing initiatives that will contribute to creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for all employees. Rosa has been at RochesterWorks! for four years and has worked directly with customers as a Career Services Advisor and a Workshop Specialist in addition to working with businesses as a Business Services Representative.

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