Are you tired of applying for open positions but never getting a call back? Are you worried that your resume doesn’t stand out from other candidates?  Or do you currently have a job but strive to work in a higher level position?


WorkKeys may be the right choice for you! Employers recognize Work Keys as a valid measurement that you have the skills proven to be successful in your career. At RochesterWorks! we offer the WorkKeys assessment, a great credential that can make your resume stand out is waiting for you… so what are you waiting for?

What is WorkKeys?

WorkKeys is an assessment program which focuses on identifying an individual’s foundational skill levels.  A person taking WorkKeys could achieve a Career Readiness Credential (CRC) which is nationally recognized and employers have used as part of their recruitment process.  The benefit to you is that if you lack a degree or certification WorkKeys is a way to prove to an employer that you have the skills for the job and you can increase your marketability.

  • The assessments questions are related to real life work situations and are skills a candidate would have obtained through their work experiences. WorkKeys tests skills in three core areas: locating information (usually involving graphs and gauges), applied mathematics (for example determining the change a person receives on their bill if they hand you $20 and their total came to $8.35), and reading for information (usually tests your understanding after reading a supervisor’s memo or email).
  • If you do not have a college degree and/or you have limited work experience, WorkKeys allows you to market your skills to potential employers and make them willing to invest their time and money in hiring you for the job. WorkKeys can be the tool to make your resume stand out!  A newer credential, degree, license, or certificate listed on your resume or on your LinkedIn profile can really make the case that your skills are current.
  • For current workers, having a CRC tells an employer that you have the foundational skills that make you an ideal candidate for future invests for on-the-job training.
  • You can register your credential in the National WorkKeys Database and if you choose to relocate, the credential is something that you can take with you!
  • It’s free to take at RochesterWorks!  The WorkKeys assessment can cost $60 to $75 each time you take it in other areas. However, through RochesterWorks! you can take the assessment at no cost. Free on-line remedial training is an option for those who want to improve their skill level and take WorkKeys again.
  • WorkKeys can identify skills gaps that you may have so you can continue to improve those skill in areas needed for a desired occupation.

Through several years of research it was discovered that most occupations required three common areas of foundational skills and at different levels.  This tool helps test individuals in those key areas and proves they have the skills needed for the job.  The three credential levels of WorkKeys are: bronze, silver, and gold. Profiled occupations which identify the CRC level is available to customers and with the help from an Advisor can determine they have the skills needed for the job. Testing is available for free here at RochesterWorks! Every Tuesday. Come in and sign up to take WorkKeys so that you can have a recent credential to put on resumes and cover letters.


Would you like to learn more?

If you are a RochesterWorks! member and would like to sign up for the WorkKeys assessment or have questions please send your request via e-mail to Kim Breedlove at Please have your NY member number.

To find out more about WorkKeys, check out the ACT website.

To see what businesses have been saying about the WorkKeys CRC, click on the links to these featured YouTube videos:

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